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  1. sarahnorthway

    How to select one triangle

    Oh! I see. I was looking at the vertex count in Unity's mesh preview window which shows the larger (three vertices per triangle) number. I'll have to take a closer look in the Frame Debugger or do a performance test to see what's actually happening. I was initially using the similar triangulation function in QuickEdit for a low poly / flat shaded style but ran into performance issues. Welding the vertices and calculating normals in a custom shader seems to be much faster from my tests. If ProBuilder is re-welding automatically that should fix things. Thank you!
  2. sarahnorthway

    How to select one triangle

    Triangulating does work. However it also creates a tremendous number of extra vertices (5x using the example I attached) which has a serious effect on my game's performance. In cases where I don't use a flat shaded material it will also drastically change the way objects look. Is there an easy way to undo Triangulating correctly (weld vertices if they share vertex color, normal, uv, uv2) once I'm done? "Merge Faces" seems to still leave me with 3x extra vertices and blends all my vertex colors in the process.
  3. sarahnorthway

    How to select one triangle

    Hi! I'm new to ProBuilder Advanced but I've been using QuickEdit for some time. In QuickEdit, vertex mode selects vertices, edge mode selects lines between two vertices, and face mode selects triangles. In ProBuilder, it seems that edge and face modes instead select groups of lines or triangles. How do I break shapes apart so that I can select individual triangles or lines rather than groups of them? Simple example: if I create a cube in Unity, "ProBuilderize" it, then switch to face selection mode and click on it, it selects a group of 2 triangles. I want to select only one of those two triangles so I can flip its normal. Is this possible? Real example: I want to tweak the mesh in the attached screenshot by subdividing, merging and extruding specific triangles, however the entire top has been ProBuilderized as one face made of 264 vertices. When I select that top face and click Subdivide faces, I get a warning "Triangulation failed - additional vertices were inserted" and a NullReferenceException. I'm seeing a lot of warnings, errors and strange behavior, making me think ProBuilder isn't compatible with my imported meshes and is intended for simpler quad-based shapes created with ProBuilder. Is this true - am I just using it wrong?