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  1. I can also add that it seems that QuickBrush isn't taking into account the modifications either
  2. Bill Sansky

    Merge And Smooth Meshes

    Hi! It would be great to have a feature that allows for a merge and smooth functionality like the one you can find in Zbrush when using dynamesh and merging two meshes into one. I suspect that the aim of polybrush isn't to become a full sculpting tool like Zbrush, however this feature would be very useful, as merging 2 meshes and smoothing them out is something that is quite a hassle to do right now in unity. I've been trying to merge the meshes into one in probuilder, but without success (I made another post about that). In any case, it would be very nice to have a merge and smooth feature like the dynamesh feature of zbrush, which is easily the most useful feature of the software
  3. Hi! I just got Polybrush (and joined the forum ), but its behavior is quite often unexpected. I've been trying to probuilderize a mesh I created and then tweaked using polybrush, without success: When I try to, it seems that the modifications I made using polybrush aren't taken into account. Something even worse happens when the mesh is scaled in unity, as the vertices then seem to be completely off. Is that a work in progress feature, or do I do something wrong? Thanks!