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  1. lOARD

    Some bugs, flickering

    Yes, actually the images in the first post are from meshes that haven't been painted, and the flickering is in the exact same pattern as the meshes already painted. i havent updated unity or loaded a new package since the first use of polybrush. Im using a custom shader made in amplify, but it just enabling the vertex color use.
  2. lOARD

    Some bugs, flickering

    Hi Karl, thank you for the welcome! No, its not Z fighting, and happens in all the meshes, even in the one that havent been painted. that just started to happen. Best
  3. Hi! i been using Polybrush for our game and today i got a really breaking bug. i was using vertex paint with ease until suddenly all the vertex painted objects starts to flicker, appearing and disappearing the vertex painted color and only remaining the base colors/textures, worst is that even meshes without vertex paint, flickers like if they where painted. To be clear, i have a green object and i painted yellow dots in it (for example) then the yellow dot appear and disappear depending the position of the camera, those yellow dots also appear in unpainted objects. Other bug that appeared with this, was that the objects that where painted before, can no longer be painted differently, they only can be painted like the first time i cant change the color or the pattern. im attaching some images for of the bug, the base color of the ground is green, moving the camera just a little causes to appear to be painted yellow even tiles that are not being painted. (i was painting a dirt path) I hope that you can give me some advice to solve this. EDIT: when i hit Play, the problem is gone and then i can see which tiles are actually painted. thanks! Roy