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  1. I'm looking to improve my work flow for creating and updating prefabs that include various ProBuilder objects. I have a separate scene where i build out the LOD's and the prefab itself. The issue is i have say near on 1000 instances of the prefab in the other scene and don't want the Probuilder scripts as a part of that scene. I've found that exporting the Probuilder object as an asset and then running some editor code to update my Prefab is a quick and easy way to achieve this. However, i can't for the life of me find a way of running the Asset exporter script without having the File dialog appear, which is a huge and impractical pain. Additionally, i've noticed that the Asset exporter fails if i try to export the asset into a folder with a pre-existing asset. I don't get any errors, but neither do I get the asset. Exporting to an empty folder appears to work. (Seems I had two folders named the same) Also, i've sent my PB invoice through so as to get the source code, as i imagine the script to export is in there somewhere? Anyone else done this?
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    Hello All

    Hi All, I'm Emile a part time fly by the seat of the pants experimenter. Dabble in everything. Currently working on a small project with an Artist who's art work i'm turning into a landscape, cities and all. Jack of all trades, master of none, i'm currently using Pro-builder to flesh out a city dwelling. Will no doubt share something later when i've made more progress.