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  1. Spikefinch

    Export asset fail

    I try to export a PB object and get this error: Couldn't add object to asset file because the Mesh 'pb_Mesh-76840' is already an asset at 'Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/ProBuilderMeshCache/df001dda7d9849babf8684181f42d7d3.asset'! UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:CreateAsset(Object, String) UnityException: Creating asset at path failed. ProBuilder2.Actions.ExportAsset.DoExport (System.String path, .pb_Object pb) Maybe I did something wrong. I made the PB object, created a empty prefab, drag the PB object onto the empty prefab. then try to export it. BTW, how do I "undo" create a prefab of a object.
  2. Spikefinch

    Select U or Selsect V

    That seems to do it. Coolness! Thanks
  3. Spikefinch

    PB object usage on different computer

    I think I found the issue on my frame rate. I had a ton of lights. I am doing some testing now and seems the lights add a ton of calls.
  4. Spikefinch

    PB object usage on different computer

    Good point, but it would still be nice to have have all objects in the default "unity" format. I am struggling with "previews" right now as well.
  5. Spikefinch

    PB object usage on different computer

    Tons of calls that I can not figure out how to remove. Everything is copys "Ctrl D" of prefabs from PB.
  6. Spikefinch

    Smoothing issues

    Yes, the normals are correct
  7. Spikefinch

    Select U or Selsect V

    You know how you can "insert edge loop"? Many times I have the need to select all the points along that edge and do not know how to do easily.
  8. Spikefinch

    PB object usage on different computer

    I have about 550 PB objects on this one map and the frame rates are pretty much at a crawl at this point.
  9. It seems I can not use a PB object on a different computer unless that computer also has the pro core package installed. This makes it not so good for selling items on Unity store. Is there a way to "convert" PB objects to Unity objects. This would also fix the " PB object mesh preview" issue as well. Thanks Spike
  10. Spikefinch

    Select U or Selsect V

    Is there a option to "Select all U" or "Select all V" points or edges. Thanks Spike
  11. Spikefinch

    Smoothing issues

    It only seems to happen if I add this group of faces to the central section
  12. Spikefinch

    Smoothing issues

    Not sure what you mean by "no group" do you mean turn off smoothing?
  13. Spikefinch

    Smoothing issues

    Maybe this is not a bug, I don't know, I can get it to go away if I change the material to a default flat. But that does not help my issue
  14. Spikefinch

    Smoothing issues

    Hi there. I have this issue when smoothing a surface. I put all the faces in one group. Then notice when I get close to the wall, this strange ring shows up. Any ideas on how to remove the rings? Thanks Spike
  15. Spikefinch

    Being able to get off the floor

    Looking forward to more tools. Would be cool to have a pallet in your off hand that you could just make selections from to pick the different tools/options. Thanks Spike