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  1. quid3st

    ProBuilder High CPU, endless clustering job

    Hey, It seems that you are baking the map. That is why your CPU usage is so high. Also, a 1x100x100 plane is quite large. What are your light baking parameters?
  2. Hey, I updated Probuilder to 2.9.8f3. Before that I opened a new empty scene in the project. Using Unity 2017.3.0f3. By updating, I simply went to the asset store and downloaded and imported (by overwriting the old files) the Probuilder asset (DEPRECATED version). This didn't really help, as can be seen in the following video (also, notice that the 4 buttons in the selection toolbar are not changing their toggle state when clicked): 2018-02-20 08-38-57.mp4 EDIT: I pushed the project to git. Then used another machine to open the project and do the ProBuilder work there. It works okay on the new machine. I should try creating a new project on the old one, and test ProBuilder there. Perhaps it messed up something in Unity files.
  3. quid3st

    Vertex connect failure

    Thanks, this worked!
  4. quid3st

    Selection goes through multiple objects

    I moved to edge mode after the selection of the object, so this is not the problem. I'll try the toggle option.
  5. The raycasting seems to be totally broken. More than half of the time when I try to select a face of an object, a face of an object behind the desired object is selected instead. Or if I simply try to select an object, an object behind that object is selected instead. This happens all the time and is really frustrating. Unity: 2017.3.0f3 Probuilder: 2.
  6. Hey, I've encountered a strange bug. I'm editing quite a big map, made out of many smaller chunks (each chunk started as a cube). I finished the map layout, and I am now working on removing all the faces not visible to the player. However, suddenly I started receiving errors in the console when trying to select vertices. It is difficult to select faces (mouse click goes through the face) and almost impossible to select any vertices. On top of that, the Geometry edit mode toolbar (4 buttons) does not respond (atleast visually) to mouse clicks. When using keyboard shortcuts, I seem to be able to cycle through different edit modes (vertex, edge, face, geometry). But vertex mode seems to select faces, and faces mode seems to try select vertices. Deleting a face, makes the editor go automatically into the vertex edit mode. It's a total mess. Restarting Unity did not solve the problem. This bug is present in every scene in this project. I have not tested out with a different project yet. EDIT: Restarting the PC seemed to fix the issue. EDIT2: Nvm, this fixed it only temporarily. Unity: 2017.3.0f3 Probuilder: 2.9.7f5 EDIT: Added a video of this strange behaviour. The only keys used during this video were "G", "H", "Escape" and the mouse click. I did not use the Shift or Control combination. 2018-02-19 09-26-07.mp4
  7. quid3st

    Remove extra vertices from edge

    Alright, thank you. It would also be awesome to "extrude" vertices: Select a vertex Extrude it (hit the button from toolbar OR use the Shift key OR Ctrl+E. Move it around as you like. The initially selected vertex, and the new extruded vertex now has an edge between them. No face was generated. Cheers, quid3st
  8. quid3st

    Vertex connect failure

    Hey, I'm trying to connect some vertices, which I created along the map, in order to add detail to geometry. However, the "Connect vertices" feature works only 50% of the time. And when it fails, no error is shown. Instead, a regular "Connected 2 vertices" is shown, and no edge is created between the vertices. Edit: Added video down below These vertices were created by subdiving the edges, which they lie on. I moved the left vertex down, and right vertex up, in order to make this clear in the following image: This kind of edge subdivision and vertex connecting works half the time, and I never get an error message. EDIT: I also created a video to replicate the issue. It seems the problem is when I extrude a face, instead of bridging them. I realize this might not be a bug. But it would be nice if the extruded plane's vertices would react well to vertices that are on a plane next to it. 2018-02-16 09-10-56.mp4 EDIT 2: I tried bridging some of the edges in my geometry, in order to correctly connect vertices, but I am unable to. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Can be seen in the following video: 2018-02-16 09-22-15.mp4 Unity 2017.3.0f3 Probuilder2.9.7f5 Thank you!
  9. quid3st

    Remove extra vertices from edge

    Are there any other ways to un-subdivide an edge?
  10. quid3st

    Remove extra vertices from edge

    There is only 1 face actually. It seems as if that edge splits the faces in two, but it doesn't. Only visually.
  11. Hello, I have a long edge, consisting of 3 parts (3 edges). So there are 4 vertices total. The following picture shows the selected vertices. I would like to remove 2 middle vertices, and create 1 long edge. I tried the following: 1) Select middle vertices and collapse them. 2) Select the last middle vertex and one of the edge vertices ( I chose the one at far back). 3) Collapse these selected vertices. This did create 1 long edge with only 2 vertices, but also introduced an undesired diagonal edge. This can be seen in the following image: How will I be able to get rid of that edge? Or in what way should I get rid of the 2 middle vertices? Essentially, I just want to delete them and be done with it. Thank you!
  12. Thank you both for your answers!. I'll post about this to Unity forums then. Cheers, quidest
  13. Hey! I've encountered a bug where light leaks through all of the edges of a plane I've extruded. In the following pictures, there is only 1 object. The walls are extruded edges of the floor plane. So they are not separate. I have a default directional light in my scene and default lighting settings. Also, when I place a point light on the other side of the wall and disable the directional light, the light created by the point light shines through. And also, while creating a cube and inverting its normals. The same thing happens. Unity: 2017.1.0f3 ProBuilder: 2.9.5f3
  14. quid3st

    Merging faces

    Found a fix for it. After the faces are merged, open the UV Editor, Convert to Manual and click the Box button under the "Project UVs". Cheers, quid3st
  15. quid3st

    Merging faces

    Hello, I've encountered a bug when sometimes trying to merge 2 or more faces together. I believe it's the UV that goes nuts. It is a problem in some cases and I really can't tell which ones, so I'll just add a screenshot. Before the merge: After the merge: