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  1. LOL. I feel so stupid. "Have you tried turning it off and on?" It's the first thing I should have tried. Thanks Karl.
  2. I have just updated to the procore bundle 1.0.57 on unity 5.6.0f3. All existing and new probuilder objects have gone completely black. The default 1 meter square texture has disappeared. When a probuilder object is selected the object turns a flat dark brown. I have searched the forum but none of the suggestions related to the keyword black have worked. I have attached a screenshot of the scene, of the uv editor and the inspector. Perhaps you have a solution. Best regards Gijs
  3. Mr. Jigs

    UV Editor and MeshRenderer Material

    Hi Gabriel, Using the "Material Editor" everything works very sweetly now. Editing textures has become fun again. Thanks Gijs
  4. Mr. Jigs

    UV Editor and MeshRenderer Material

    Hi Gabriel, 1) No. No errors in console 2) I'm not sure what you mean by the "Material Palette". Perhaps the "Material Editor" from ProBuilder? I initially assign materials by dragging them onto object in Hierarchy. After using the UV Editor I re-assign the material by selecting it using the "nipple" in the mesh renderer materials option. 3) Using ProBuilder2-v2.6.7f4-unity55 I think this is the advanced (payed for) version. Unity is 5.5.0f3. Best Gijs
  5. I have ProBuilder PolyBrush and ProGrid installed but only the ProBuilder and ProGrid menu's showing. Using Unity 5.5.0f3 on a Mac. I assign a substance material from GameTextures with a a "standard" shader with to an object created by ProBuilder. Texture shows up fine. I select a face and then open the UV Editor from the ProBuilder menu in order to rearrange the texture across that face. As soon as I make a change in the UV Editor window the material on the object gets replaced by the "Default_Prototype" material from the ProBuilder -> Resources -> Materials folder. I have to put "my" material back after every change in order to see the effects of the change. Rather time consuming and not what one would hope for in an UV Editor. Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue with ProBuilder? Best regards Gijs
  6. Mr. Jigs

    Polybuilder objects need to be subdivided?

    OK, looks like you are right. After some experimenting with the materials provided I managed to get the texture painting to work without having to delete the probuilder scripts. Thanks for that. I can see that I am going to have to detach some faces in order to get sharp demarcations between textures but I guess in those circumstances one would not want to paint textures anyway but just assign them singularly. Alright, back to work. Though I am sure I'll be back with more questions :-)
  7. Mr. Jigs

    Polybuilder objects need to be subdivided?

    I'll give it another test without stripping the probuilder scripts. I may have assumed it was not working because the objects were not sufficiently subdivided. With no subdivisions it looked like Polybrush couldn't decide which side to paint and I only noticed some paint activities around the vertices.
  8. Mr. Jigs

    Polybrush - Substance materials

    Please provide details as to how to implement those, as I am also looking at using substance files from gametextures :-). I have already purchased polybrush by the way.
  9. Let me see if I have this right. When I create a standard 1 by 1 by 1 cube using polybuilder and then try to polybrush it the results are rather poor to unusable. Under those circumstances it does not seem possible to do finegrained texture painting. When I first subdivide the cube several times results are much better. So it looks like the more subdivisions the better and no subdivisions at all don't give you any control at all. Right? A pity you have to strip the polybuilderscripts first to get it to work. It means you have to be pretty sure you're modelling is more or less done as there's no going back once you start texturing. Regards
  10. Mr. Jigs

    Editing Unity Terrain

    I'll see what I can find back. I didn't make any notes though, so don't hold your breath :-). I figured out that the reason is that terrain is a height map and not a mesh. There seem to be several options to convert a terrain to a mesh. That should work with PB. Right?
  11. Mr. Jigs

    Editing Unity Terrain

    I would like to use ProBuilder to edit a Unity Terrain. From the bits and pieces I gathered on the net I had the impression that it should be possible. However I seem to be unable to select the terrain in ProBuilder object mode. I was hoping to select a face and extrude it downwards thus starting a tunnel system. Have I misinterpreted the things I read? Trying to edit the terrain using PolyBrush gives the following error: MissingComponentException: There is no 'MeshFilter' attached to the "Terrain" game object, but a script is trying to access it. You probably need to add a MeshFilter to the game object "Terrain". Or your script needs to check if the component is attached before using it. Polybrush.z_EditableObject..ctor (UnityEngine.GameObject go) That's probably the reason ProBuilder won't work either. So how does one go about adding a "MeshFilter"?