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  1. paulgswanson

    Vertex Position Scaler

    Sorry, for the bad title. I'm not sure what to call it. There is a feature in 3ds max that would be extremely handy. Lets say you have a plane set at 30 degrees But you only want the corners set to the exact same Y cord In 3ds max you could just select all 4 verts you wanted and scale down till the position matches exactly. It would just stop there then you would drag them where you wanted them I tried this last night in PB and instead of stopping at the middle point between the verts it just keeps going in the opposite direction it doesn't stop. In some cases the Verts simply didn't cross the mid point at the same time. So I couldn't even eye ball it. In Max this is a Key technique for Vertex alignment. Can we get a similar tool? Or rework how vertex scaling works?
  2. 1) Probuilder 2.6.5f0 2) If I try to use fill before a single doing a partial bridge Unity hangs but does not crash. It just sits there doing nothing, you cannot interrupt the action and my terminate Unity via Task manager 3) Windows 10 Pro 8Gbs ram Unity 5.5.0f3 (64bit) Probuilder 2.6.5f0 Progrids 2.3.0 4) If I try to use fill before doing a single a partial bridge Unity hangs but does not crash. It just sits ther doing nothing, you cannot inttrupt the action and my terminate Unity via Task manager. This is user error of course but its happened twice tonight now. In both case I was working on 2 detached surfaces that I merged together and was trying to close holes either manually or with the Fill option I tried to recreate the event but was unable to. I think its stuck trying to calculate how to connect surfaces that have no connection. Perhaps needs an error handler for timeout (<- is there a possible timeout for broken logic?) or something. When I tried to make it happen again I received a error saying Points not ordered correctly. I'll add to this again late if I succeed in breaking it again The below image is where the editor froze on me.
  3. paulgswanson

    How does Secret Legend stops light leaks

    I personally Created a No Draw envelope to Surround all the the Areas the I inverted Normal's with. I originally tried Baked Lights and Light Probes but non of that worked very well in my situation.
  4. paulgswanson

    Hi! Nice to meet you all!

    Hi, Nice to meet everyone! My Name is Paul and I'm working on my first Indie Title. Iv been messing around in the world of 3D design for what seem like ages but never made anything that amounted to anything. Just hundreds of 3DS MAX and Vray renders. None of it exposed to the public though sadly. My goal is lofty but achievable I think. That goal is to get out of Corporate technology and make enough successful games that I can quit the 9-5 and do what I want - Which is Game Design. With ProCore - Unity - UFPS I think I can make that happen. Its going to be a FPS similar to the Classic Dooms with a mix of the Modern Doom! No story developement! No Character Development! Just Wonderful fragging till you find the exit and move to the next level. And a few or many Multiplayer DM's. I'm really excited to actually complete this project! I'm using ProCore to test my AI's and build the Mp levels. I'm using UFPS to run the mechanics. The E1M1 tutorial was bloody amazing and pretty much covered everything I needed to finish this. I cannot express enough thanks for putting that together. The only thing I think that lacked was how to implement key acquisition and making them usable against specific doors.