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  1. hecticFeedback

    Face and Edge have different forward directions

    Sorry, been away for a while. I toggled the "Handle" button in the ProBuilder toolbar / menu. The options: Plane / Local / World didn't seem to change the transform gizmos orientation for the edges - only the face inside the edges. I am pretty new to this, so I'm almost positive I'm "doin' it wrong". I wish to add more edges to the face and move them slight amounts along the X axis but the X direction for the edge is not the same as the X direction for the face. Maybe this needs to be done on separate ProBuilder objects to make the gizmo directions conform per object ? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Hello! As pictured (top scene view), I have created a cylinder for a pillar and made some face extrusions (along the face normal) for some detail. Now I wish to further manipulate the edges on said face - but the edges have a different forward direction to the face. Any edge work results in misaligned geometry relative to that initial extrusion. Sorry if this is a trivial issue - can anyone assist?
  3. hecticFeedback

    Inset feature

    +1 inset feature!
  4. hecticFeedback

    ProBuilder window causes jitters in Vive in Icon mode

    I was just coming to report this. Good to see it's been picked up. And good to hear it works in text mode! Thanks.