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  1. chunkdafunk

    newbie stupidness!

    Really helpful and thanks for the speedy reply. I will definitely plow through these and get up to speed. I have messed around a little with the pro builder textures and can see this will be great! just one last thing If I was making a wall like this: http://www.3dmike.webs.com/z_TX_china_alley.jpg Would you advise 1 big texture and plane (like wallpaper) or deconstruct the wall into its component parts. at the moment the game is fixed pos central camera and wont be moving forward (ie getting close to walls) just rotating on the spot. thanks again for the tools and help! Chunk
  2. chunkdafunk

    newbie stupidness!

    Hey there, recently purchased the whole 'kit and caboodle' and just getting started. I am needing to create a v simple room that is based on something like this: http://kyotofoodie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/kyoto-gion-sushi-izuju-08.jpg now I have started by watching some of the tutes, so I have a cube, flipped for my room space and I have extruded some blocks for ceiling beams (see attached). Do now I am looking at textures/materials for walls etc and here is the total newb thing I havent got a clue. Should I treat each wall as one big texture as each may be different and I was a hand painted kind of look. Or should I be building them up from say 1024 or 512. I am planning to have a big hole (door) on one wall and a billboard scene viewable though.... I did say I was newbie so apologies for any stupidness in this post! Any pointers would be much appreciated the game is going to be mobile/tablet I know I can search general modelling tutes but I am looking to solely use proCore as then I am self contained at least to protoype level. Thanks for your time. Chunk
  3. chunkdafunk

    Hello from Liverpool

    just purchased, part time dabbler in unity, never learnt 3d modelling! these tools should be a match made in heaven! Thanks Chunk