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  1. Running Unity 2018.1.0b13 and imported ProBuilder 3.0.2 through package manager. Just created a new project and made some cubes, and I'm getting warnings: There are 4 objects in the Scene with overlapping UV's. Please see the details list below or use the 'UV Overlap' visualisation mode in the Scene View or Object Maps for more information. - Cube (3): 418 texels - Cube (2): 416 texels - Cube: 416 texels - Cube (1): 316 texels I know what overlapping UVs mean, but this shouldn't be happening on newly created cubes?
  2. Just imported ProGrids to a new Unity 2018.1.0b13 project and it looks like this: Everything's got a white tint to it strangely, is this normal?
  3. arvz

    Bug report: undo history lost

    Hey @karl no error in editor
  4. PB doesn't have any delete edge or vertex features, so I'm wondering how I should go about doing something simple like turning this into a plane with just 1 face? I can select all four faces and merge faces, but that leaves all the vertices and edges behind and I can't delete them. How do I do this?
  5. arvz

    Bug report: undo history lost

    @karlI'm a new Polybrush user and I've run into the same problem. I'll be painting some textures on a ProBuilder cube that has been subdivided a few times, and I press undo once and everything is completely lost and the model goes completely black. Redo does not work. The model is using Triplanar Blend shader. Using the latest Polybrush and ProBuilder at this time. Edit: Ok just did some more testing, seems this only happens on ProBuilder objects. If I stript the PB scripts from the object, everything works fine
  6. @karl how much of a performance hit is this if I just leave all the faces there? I suppose it'd depend on the complexity of the scene, but does Unity do any kind of performance tricks to help at all or will the engine basically treat the face as if it's in the scene completely?
  7. Hi guys When you extrude some faces that are next to another face, like if I extrude these faces UP: I will be left with those faces along the wall, inside the geometry, occluded by the newly extruded faces. They won't be visible so they may as well be deleted. I can weld the vertices, which removes the duplicated vertices, however the faces are still left inside. Is there any way to delete these automatically? Otherwise every time I extrude I would have to zoom right inside the geometry to try to select the faces and delete them manually. Thanks
  8. Ahh I seemed to have found the solution. Turns out this is happening because my ProBuilder object is a Prefab. Once I break the Prefab connection everything works fine again
  9. Hi guys I seem to be having this problem also, however my ProBuilder object isn't a prefab so that doesn't seem to be the problem for me. Could it be anything else? edit: Ahh, nevermind, I don't know what I was looking at but it turns out it was indeed a prefab. Please ignore..
  10. Hi guys My ProBuilder object is taking almost 20 seconds to Undo basically anything. GIF for clarity: http://i.imgur.com/yyYSmNO.gif If I create a new ProBuilder Object, e.g. just a simple cube, that cube is able to Undo actions totally fine. Now my object isn't even super complicated, it's quite low in detail in fact. While Unity tries to Undo my last ProBuilder action Unity is completely frozen for the entire duration. This is obviously a big problem as I rely on Undo a lot and I can't be sitting here idly for 20 seconds every time. I've tried reopening Unity and reimporting all assets. Would appreciate any advice Thanks! p.s.: Ignore the ProGrids panel looking strange - it's just because I'd just reimported everything. After I reopen the panel it looks fine again
  11. arvz

    Strange snapping behaviour

    Ah actually I've figured it out, it's because ProGrids uses a grid that is in world space, not one that is local to the object. If I move it to 0,0,0 this doesn't happen anymore
  12. arvz

    Strange snapping behaviour

    Hi guys I'm new to ProGrids (and ProCore!) and am seeing this strange and annoying behaviour with the snapping. I made a gif to explain more clearly: Starts when the text says "Snap value is set to 3" Basically I've got a cube with slightly modified UVs and it's got a custom material I've put on it, and what I'm seeing is when I set snap value to 3 and move one of its faces in the X axis, it first starts by snapping the face back all the way, making it completely flat, and then when I start dragging the mouse it goes out 3 metres and I end up with a cube that is 3 metres long. But when I do the same thing in the Z axis I instead see the opposite behaviour. When I start clicking and holding, the face gets moved out by 1 metre, and as I start dragging further it goes out 3 metres further and so I end up with a cube that's 5 metres long. What is happening here? Thanks!