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  1. mysticcoder

    ProBuilder Render UV workspace texture broken

    Thanks for locating this. I'll be using it extensively shortly (hope next version is out soon!) For the time being I've just done a screen capture and cropped and scaled the UV editor contents, but that would get old fast! - Also whilst you're at it, I wonder if you'd be able to add an option to render to non-square textures. In this example, I'm creating a 4096x2048 texture as the layout of the UV space is intended for a wider than high texture; i.e. not all textures are square. Thanks again.
  2. mysticcoder

    ProBuilder Render UV workspace texture broken

    Yes indeed, a 5k iMac. Sounds like it could be a likely culprit. Forgot to mention Unity v5.5.0f3, although I suspect that's irrelevant.
  3. Version 2.6.5f0 Trying to render out UV templates to png images, it's completely broken. My object is a fully welded, manually UV wrapped "room". Attached images should show the problem reasonably well enough. Things noticed: - Depending on image size, the results change. - When face materials is on in the UV editor, they are not rendered in the correct place / scale .. etc. - The edges are not rendered in the correct place. Perhaps it's just the object I'm testing, but it is properly welded and unwrapped (see images).