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  1. Chuck Savage

    Generate a face/vertices using another object

    Isn't this already in the Tools > ProBuilder > Experimental folder? YouTube Boolean tool demo.
  2. Chuck Savage

    Root (pivot) Vertices

    I get the literal thing issue. It is nice to know that 3DS Max has it, though I'm not investing in that or Maya yet, though I probably will "someday." For my first few project I'll be happy with generic Asset Store people / creatures / buildings. I hope anyway I can get away without those tools. I may want the railings at the angles of the sidewalk. I did want them to retain their own, as well. I do like your idea of attaching to the sidewalk before I move it into place. Or at the very least, create another long section for the sidewalk edge, that doesn't have any loops in it. That might solve the problem. Thanks for the compliment. I'm having fun, for the most part. I've been using Voxeland for the interior cave, but for the last couple days it too has been giving me problems. Now, if only you had a cave terrain editor... I tried Polybrush, it was too limiting for a full cave system. Maybe it's grown in ability in the last couple of months. Though I'm kind of stuck with the current terrain editor, I've made so much progress. I do hope it ends up working for me. Edit: Nope, adding a straight edge under that, doesn't help at all. Non selected vertices don't move, period.
  3. Chuck Savage

    Putting a window through two existing rooms

    Nice video Karl, I learned a few things. I've not used Alt R, Alt E combo for edge loops. I'll have to try it. I'm used to Alt U to create an edge loop. Also thanks for walking through some of the UV Editor. That box is still a mystery to me. It is so very complex looking. Anyway once a texture is scaled, to then apply that to new objects that weren't selected in the first original selection? I find I have to re-scale often, like for bricks in sidewalks. I hate eyeballing it, but I don't know how else to go about it. So instead of having equally sized bricks in separate objects, they vary.
  4. Sometimes stairs aren't straight, only, but have "wings" or pie sides. The picture below shows what I mean. To make the stair in the picture, I extruded the side of a stair, and that was a nightmare. The number of inner unseen edges created was aprox 3 for every step.
  5. Dear ProCore Team, Thanks for this great asset. An idea, from the project I'm working on. To have sub-groups instead of separate groups to handle items within the same defined greater shape (like tower floors), that'd be great. With this, to be able to toggle sub-members on off, (say the tower outer wall). Toggling the parent should be like togging a tree component in general windows programs, selects / deselects all the children. A semi-greyed out eye (or different color than blue), would indicate that there are children unselected. I've submitted a previous feature request to be able to drag items around in ProGroups. This would help the tree layout, to be able to organize as the user sees fit.
  6. Chuck Savage

    Support for Cloth (SkinnedMeshRenderer)

    An in game cloth / clothing creator would be cool. What little I've tried at making cloth in the editor, I was very unsuccessful. Perhaps a ProCore future addition, or a separate package, if it is that much different.
  7. Chuck Savage

    Root (pivot) Vertices

    Dear Gabriel, Yes sir! So, I've duplicated what I tried before. Here's a series of pictures. 1. In these first two images, I've removed my other sidewalk edges, and dragged out a new prefab of the edge. Seen from a couple of angles. 2. In this image, I show, if selecting one end of the sidewalk edge (board), I can move the whole board into place easily. It drags around the opposite edge, no problem. 3. In this image, I grab 3 railing prefabs and put them in place upon the straight and level sidewalk edge. 4. In this image, I merge the objects, and drag the face down, the railings remain in the air, and the board moves down. 5. In this image, I undo that, put in edge loops along the board, and one down the long way, and then merge the 3 railings with the edge. Collapse vertices at the bottom 4 corners of each railing "nailing" the railings in place. 6. In this image, I drag the board end again, but now the whole board doesn't move, but only between the end and the first edge loop down the side. 7. In this image, What I want is this far left side to remain anchored, while the rest of the board moves. I highlight the vertices here. If I could "create pivot group" or someway show that this is where I want to pivot from, that'd be great. 8. In this image, currently it appears, that I have to select all but the vertices I want to move, but that means moving down a section at a time, and the railing "up right" pieces don't rotate into place appropriately. They remain positioned along the world axes, and skewed instead of rotated. What I'd like to do, is grab the end of the board as I first show, and drag the whole thing into place, the vertices along the way stretch to their relative place as the board "grows" in the direction moved.
  8. Chuck Savage

    Undo deselects multiple faces

    If you have a group of faces selected, grow (extrude seems to work, but not grow) and then undo, it deselects all but one face. It'd be so helpful if it remembered your selections. This does something similar with vertex selection. It goes back to some random vertices selected. Not the ones that were selected prior to the extrude. Not sure about edges at the moment.
  9. Chuck Savage

    Convert Mesh to Double Sided Mesh

    Ok great, did this. It works great. Why isn't it a "normal feature?" Could put it in the Experimental folder if it has "issues."
  10. Chuck Savage

    45 degree grid / local rotation grid?

    ProBuilder has the "Handle Local, World or Plane" to adjust extruding at an angle appropriately, but ProGrids doesn't place nice. Turn it off, and it will work fine.
  11. Chuck Savage

    Convert Mesh to Double Sided Mesh

    Karl, when will this be added to ProBuilder?
  12. Chuck Savage

    Deforms on drag - bug?

    I found another discussion on the ProBuilder side adressing this, Still, I'd like to see a rotatable grid, as I mentioned above similar to ProBuilder's Handle options. So if extruding along an angle, the grid is aligned to the angle, and doesn't snap in non-angle directions, ie to the sides.
  13. Chuck Savage

    How to find shortcuts?

    I'm interested in this too. I hold shift over the four options top-center, and nothing appears. It seems to me that there are shortcuts for selecting any of these 4, unity default, vertice, edge and face edit modes? I'm pretty sure I've seen Gabriel using them in videos, but I can't find them in the Tools > ProBuilder menu.
  14. Chuck Savage

    Deforms on drag - bug?

    So, if I have an item selected in ProBuilder, and I drag say a face to group it in a direction with one of the arrows. It not only snaps in the direction / angle I'm dragging it, but then it also deforms the shape by snapping out in all directions. For instance, the end of a cylinder will become weird. I've had curved edges become square. Attached is a simple default cylinder with it rotated (not 90 degrees), and then one end selected and (Alt G) to group the face, and then stretched. With ProGrid on, the face becomes distorted. Because of this, I rarely use ProGrid. It seems only good for square objects without rotation, and with all vertices positioned on the 3D grid. It seems to me, that the grid should be able to be aligned to the edge being adjusted (if it is a plane), and only modify in the direction dragged. Similar to ProBuilder's Handle: Plane, World, Local possibilities.
  15. Chuck Savage

    Root (pivot) Vertices

    Say I have a walkway, but the walkway curves, and is more of a bridge, so it has a downward angle as well. I attach a railing to it. The railing behaves well over the straight, level parts of the walkway, but the angled, curvier parts, problems creep up. Add in that the railing isn't just vertical, but has an angle itself. So, I thought, attach a railing to a "board" / edge on the walkway. A board will move, if I hold a face and move it at angles, whatever the angle, and the whole board stretches to fit. But, if I start inserting edge loops to attach the railing pieces, then the geometry of not only the board moves, but the railing as well. It gets funky fast, because you can't move the end edge only to move the whole board, you have to select a lot more vertices. I'd like to harden the mesh, so that I can move the edge vertices per-se, and it only moves based on the far edge (pivot). Writing this out helps my thoughts on it. Perhaps instead of harden, choose which vertices are pivoted on. The current method is the closest unselected vertices in the mesh that are rooted in place, and the rest of the mesh moves. The problem with this method, is I can't select only the far edge / face of the board and adjust the whole board in space around the opposite end. I end up having to try and move bits of the board at a time, but add in the weird rotations of the railing as well, the final result doesn't look nearly as nice as the straight & level version. Attached is my walkway, railing and board view, to give an image to the idea. I have them all selected, because in the scene, they are currently separate objects. Making them all one, and I get the problems of the above.