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  1. propulsion

    Doom E1M1 Tutorial

    Select both edges and then use 'connect edges' or ALT+e.
  2. propulsion

    Move vertex along the edge

    Something like this:
  3. propulsion

    Snap to vertex of that same object

    Just ProCore bundle - QuickBrush, ProGrids (off), ProBuilder. It works in face mode, like you shown in your example, but ignores in vert mode.
  4. propulsion

    Snap to vertex of that same object

    Hm.., ok, that's cool too, I didn't know of this feature. What I meant is to be able in vertex edit mode snap to another vertex of that same object that is being edited.
  5. propulsion

    Subdivide Edges bug

    Meanwhile - "Strip ProBuilder Scripts in selection" | (re)"Pro Builderize" seems to be working. (It adds double PB_entity, though.)
  6. Hi! Vertex snapping helps a lot. Especially if geometry is not suitable for working with ProGrids on. Unity vertex snaps only to other objects and that, of course, makes sense, but when working in ProBuilder, it would come handy to be able to vertex snap the same object too. For example this gif - http://i.giphy.com/3o6ZtqqmtQ6Pz5tufu.gif that I made for http://www.protoolsforunity3d.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2013-questionconcern-edges-disconnected/?p=9485 "I detached that one face so that I could use unity's vertex-snap later"
  7. propulsion

    Question/Concern - edges disconnected

    Hi! Whether it's going to be a problem later on depends. I would consider splitting that object in to a smaller chunks. Either way, I would repair it. (@Karl, could it be a nifty little 'semi-auto repair' feature?) I've made a gif where I created a similar situation and repaired that geometry. I detached that one face so that I could use unity's vertex-snap later, but might as well used ProGrids or placed cubes beforehand. So, the repair gif. Also, this video - check it out if you haven't already.
  8. propulsion

    Changing face material / color by code

    It's actually not a PB question. When it's built, it's not pb cube anymore. In general I see three(four) options, which one is better depends on what exactly you are going to do with that cube. VertexColor - Mesh-colors.html a-game-of-tricks-ii-vertex-color UV coordinates - color palette texture (render)Materials - MaterialsAccessingViaScript.html (SetColor) Custom shader magick.
  9. I just couldn't believe, that it is such a hassle to build a staircase - there's a much faster way. http://gph.is/2fbdsBC
  10. propulsion

    Hi there!

    Hi, guys, my name is Imants Berzins, I'm from Latvia - I've got tired of sysadmin/support stuff and turned to game development. Love nature, physics, lasers and robots. Err.. nature and sci-fi then. We are a two man army currently working on a racing-kind-of game RollHill - downhill with a single tire. (WebGL version here: mindboiler.com) I do the 3D part - I ProBuilderize.
  11. propulsion

    Bevel 4 sides, null reference exception

    Confirmed, it won't bevel anything, if there's an 'open' edge. I suppose correct behavior would be to leave 'open' edges as is, and bevel everything else, that's possible in selection.(?) Though, you could select only edges you are going to bevel - works with or without those top-bottom faces. Here's a howto-ish gif I've created - > http://gph.is/2fwQOjj
  12. Hi! I don't see any reason why not. I am not necessarily sure that it would be the best/fastest workflow for 2.5-3D game, but it's for sure doable. I would try and play around with ProBuilder basic, look around what tools other devs are using, experiment.
  13. propulsion

    Prefabs and primitive colliders.

    Hmm, yea, hard to tell if and maybe that would be better to automatically detach PB if simple collider is edited by hand. Anyhow, I'm good with that checkbox. Got it! Thx, Karl.
  14. propulsion

    Prefabs and primitive colliders.

    Hi! Got this bug for some time now. Prefab resets simple collider size/center to initial params. How to replicate: Add some PB Object to the scene, add primitive collider to that object - box, sphere, capsule. Edit collider(s) as you need. Drag and drop object from Hierarchy view to Project view. From Project view drag and drop instances of that object in to your scene. Verify whether prefabs you have placed in scene have correct colliders, try reverting to prefab in Inspector view. gif screen capture -> http://gph.is/2fc34Wh Setup Win10 64bit Unity3d 5.4.2f2 Personal 64bit Probuilder 2.6.5f0-unity53 (ProCore Bundle 1.0.48)) My workaround is to make an empty child object with that collider.
  15. propulsion

    UV2 gone after Ctrl-z

    Hi, I'm re-posting this from twitter. Setup Win10 64bit Unity3d 5.4.2f2 Personal 64bit Probuilder 2.6.5f0-unity53 (ProCore Bundle 1.0.48)) To replicate - Add some PB_object, Generate UV2 (for scene, for selection, whatever UV2 properties) Bake (or don't bake) lightmap, Now - select, deselect, move around transform.. anything. and then hit ctrl-z and UV2 for that object is gone. Tested in fresh and empty project. gif @giphy http://gph.is/2fIhMrl