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  1. Ravery

    Extrude: Offset

    Currently you can only change the distance of the new faces based on the normal direction. I propose a Offset parameter, which allows you to change the distance based on the face plane. (Like the offset in Maya's extrude tool) http://s391.photobucket.com/user/kakkoii_inc/media/my%20blog/offset_extrude_MitchZais.png.html
  2. The current Hide/Show option makes all objects inactive in the editor and during play. I propose a second mode: Hide objects, but make them active, when the game is running. This will reduce cluttering (e.g. decals, details) and make annoying objects unselectable in the editor (e.g. canvas object, sky spheres) but keep them during game mode. Right now you can hide them during editor mode, but you will have to unhide them, if you want to see/use them in play. Bonuspoints for a third mode with reversed behavior: You could have active debug objects in the editor, which become inactive during gameplay. (e.g. help objects for level construction like refeference images and scaffolding)