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  1. Ahh, I see that "By Design" tag now. I think I can work around it by using a different method for mantling/teleporting, but I definitely need concave mesh colliders. It's that or I approximate a ton of volumes with other colliders.
  2. Ah! Looks like this is just a Unity thing, although it's definitely considered a bug. Might be fixed in the 5.6 release? https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/physics-dot-checksphere-returns-false-when-in-a-non-convex-mesh-collider
  3. I'll try again to verify, but I'm sure that the mesh colliders I'm using have only meshcolliders on them. CheckCapsule isn't like a CapsuleCast - it's supposed to return true if there is *any* overlap with a collider. Do your mesh colliders return true for a capsulecast that overlaps a face?
  4. I see that there have been a few minor revs since I updated ProBuilder - I'll try the latest patch and see what I can find, although I don't see anything in the changelog that indicates this might be fixed.
  5. 1) ProBuilder 2) CheckCapsule/Sphere/Etc don't register inside of ProBuilder colliders3) Unity 5.5.0f3 64b, Windows 7 64b, ProBuilder2-v2.6.5f0-unity55 4) If you create any arbitrary mesh with ProBuilder, and use the default collider setup (Mesh Collider, Convex = false, no other colliders attached), CheckCapsule will return False for capsules entirely within the ProBuilder collider. If it hits a face, CheckCapsule will return true as expected. Similarly, Unity primitives and meshes that I have generated with my own scripts (not using ProBuilder) work correctly, whether the capsule is entirely within the mesh collider or not. I have verified that the layermask is correct. I haven't checked if OverlapCapsule would work. This is a big issue for me, because my teleportation and mantling code both rely heavily on knowing whether a particular volume overlaps any colliders. 5) Create a 5x5x5 cube (or any other large volume), call CheckCapsule or CheckSphere entirely within that volume. It should return true, but it returns false. An easy way to test a large number of cases quickly would be to attach a script to a first person character controller that teleports you forward 2 units if you press a button and CheckCapsule (player position + 2 units forward) returns false. 6) This does not seem to be related to whether the mesh is fully enclosed or not, since it applies to both meshes I've created myself and to the Probuilder cube primitive.
  6. superdupergc

    Bug When Applying Material To Surfaces

    Hey, I ran into a similar issue - if you apply a material to a probuilder face, make sure that you have the Probuilder tab open and the object selected. If you don't, it resets to whatever material it was previously. Hopefully we're talking about the same issue!
  7. superdupergc

    Add vertices in the middle of a face?

    I got it - I did an Extrude with 0 distance, then took some code out of FreezeScaleTransform to move the vertices, then it took me a while, but I figured out the SharedIndices array so that I could connect everything up properly. Thanks! Oh, and it only works on the +Z face, but I think I can fix that... Now all I have to do is set the UVs and material, that should be relatively simple.
  8. superdupergc

    Add vertices in the middle of a face?

    Okay, you got me, how do you extrude while scaling? I don't see an option for that. It looks like what I really want is that Inset feature that others have requested. Maybe if we get this code working, you can add it!
  9. superdupergc

    Add vertices in the middle of a face?

    Oh, interesting! I hadn't even thought about extruding. I'll try that out, and let you know how it goes! Thanks!
  10. Hi there, I've been struggling with this for a while, I'm trying to figure out how to add new vertices into the middle of a face, then connect them up with the appropriate triangles. pb.AppendVerticesToFace adds these vertices to the nearest edge, which isn't what I want. Basically, i want to turn the quad on the left (in the attached picture) into the more complicated quad on the right. I've calculated the positions of the internal points (in green), I just can't get them to add to the correct place. Please excuse the MS Paint diagram, I figured it'd be better than my handwritten notes!
  11. superdupergc

    CustomAction doesn't compile

    Unity 5.4.0f3, 32b compiler, targeting 32b Windows platform. Interesting that for some reason it couldn't find the third argument's default value - that sounds like a javascript issue, but it was definitely just the C# file included in the API Examples folder.
  12. superdupergc

    CustomAction doesn't compile

    So once you remove the #ifdef, CustomAction doesn't compile with a weird error about the ctor expecting != 2 arguments, so i added another one (it's for the tooltip) and that fixed it static readonly pb_TooltipContent _tooltip = new pb_TooltipContent ( "Set Double-Sided", "Adds another face to the back of the selected faces.", "??" ); This was the newest version off the unity asset store