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    Unable to set the pivot

    I just ran into this one today, as well. I was so scared of losing my work that I didn't think to record a video or screenshot my console output. DEFINITELY parent-child interaction. I centered the pivot on a PB object (the entire object); PB ejected the child object, and placed it at the top of my hierarchy. I thought "wierd" and just hit undo. I tried again, out goes the child object - this time, I just replaced the child object back into the parent myself, thinking I'd fixed the problem. From that moment on, I was no longer able to select the child object at all. Selecting ANY PB object threw tons of errors into the console. I panicked, and exited Unity, recovering my work from my last save. All seems to be well, but I won't be centering any more pivots! My PB object had 2 child objects: a world-space canvas and another PB object. The canvas was the one ejected. Worst Bug Report ever, but I think it corroborates Stylophone's theory about parent/child somehow somehow causing an issue with "Center Pivot."
  2. So that means - feature request! I can always export my ProBuilder mesh as an OBJ and work in Substance Painter, but I like the simplicity of having my entire workflow right there in the Unity editor. If Polybrush coild somehow handle Substances and Materials in the future, that would be an amazing leap forward - no other asset / extension does this, as far as I know!
  3. No worries! I'm new to polybrush - and substances, for that matter - but I'll do my best to explain! Substance is a (new?) tech made by Allegorithmic - like an all-in-one, procedurally generated texture system. Substances are a texture format that contains all of the necessary maps (normal, AO, height, metallic, etc.) to dynamically create a material within Unity, combined into a "SBSAR" file. The thing I like most about them is the ability to adjust and set parameters - a substance can have a layer of moss growth atop a stone texture, for example - I can adjust the color and intensity of the moss, adjust the heightmap to make the moss stand out, etc. My material generates, and I can apply it by dragging and dropping it to any surface of game object just as I would any other material. Polybrush doesn't recognize these dynamically generated textures or materials, so I can't select them in its menus or drag and drop them into its texture painter. From what I can tell, a lot of schools / studios / devs are settling on Substance as the new standard for textures - I'm pretty new to this, but I can see why...there's some pretty amazing stuff available!
  4. I love substances, and I love Vertex Painting with Polybrush! Is it already in there, and I'm just unaware of the right method - or is this something Polybrush might be able to do in the future?
  5. First - LOVE PolyBrush. I use it and ProBuilder extensively in prototyping and level design, so I docked its tool window in a tab in the Unity Editor right next to ProBuilder for easy access - common stuff for most devs, right? If I leave this tab integrated like this, Unity will crash on load the next time I try to open up my project. The only way to get Unity to open my project is to delete the Library folder from it, forcing Unity to re-create all asset handles and project metafiles. It's not unrecoverable, but with all of the asset packs we have, a real time-killer! This has happened 3 times, with the only change made being the integration of PolyBrush as a tab in Unity. Even made a new empty project to try and reproduce the error, and it happens. Unity will load, open to a white screen, then crash within 3 seconds to the report generation dialog. Unity Environment: I'm using the latest PolyBrush Beta & ProBuilder from the Asset Store Unity 5.4.0f3 Open VR - HTC Vive System Config (if it helps): Intel i7-4790K 32GB RAM EVGA GTX970 FTW Windows 10 64 bit