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  1. sirsplasher

    Probuilder + Progrids + Polybrush resulting in errors

    Aw you...! Always the best support in the land. Thanks!
  2. Fresh project, fresh unity, only assets in the projects are Probuilder + Progrids + Polybrush. I get this when hovering probuilder object (plane/cube/etc) to edit with polybrush. Any ideas?
  3. sirsplasher

    Android and PB Shader

    My issue was not related to probuilder. I have to unity accounts, one with PB and one without, apparently when signed into the one without it reports I have the current version of PB in the asset store window, but I was actually a few releases behind when using it. Good to know I guess. :/ Thanks!
  4. sirsplasher

    Android and PB Shader

    It's the same project I was using to test the click bug on Twitter yesterday. Current Unity, Probuilder, only other asset is Simple Waypoint System, and only appeared when I switched from Desktop to Android. I had this happen once before on a project, but that time it *only* occurred on export (not in editor only after export) to WebGL. That was v 5.6? . Only extension then was Probuilder - I was doing a "Game in 8 Hours" project, so I didn't bother to look into it as I didn't have time.
  5. sirsplasher

    Android and PB Shader

    Android does not seem to care for the PB Standard Vertex Color shader. I have no idea why, but this is new at some point in the last 8 months or so (that's the last time I used PB on a android project). Any thoughts?
  6. sirsplasher

    Probuilder Objects Dissapearing

    He doesn't run off because in the game until they've been injured they are *completely* oblivious to danger, other wise that'd be perfect
  7. sirsplasher

    Probuilder Objects Dissapearing

    Fantastic, that did it - thanks! Glad you liked it, almost done with the teaser - just need to adjust the DOF and add the intro/outro bits
  8. sirsplasher

    Probuilder Objects Dissapearing

    You can see the bug (?) in this video. The three houses (blue, yellow, red) vanish when screenshake is initiated. It's the end of the video. I'm using this script for screenshake - https://gist.github.com/ftvs/5822103 . Reviewing the probuilder objects after the vanish reveals no changes in the inspector. In addition, there is nothing particularly unique about the hierarchy.
  9. I made the Vthree player character with PB, and also a set of guns, without issue. It's easy to move around of you focus (press f) with a vert or face selected instead of the whole object.
  10. sirsplasher

    Get Mesh Colors

    Quick change to add a block character to make identifying the color easier. NWZGetMeshColors.cs
  11. sirsplasher

    Get Mesh Colors

    This isn't Probuilder specific, but I use Probuilder & Polybrush w/ vertex colors for all art in VThree, and keeping track of the colors can be a chore, and if I loose one figuring out which it is visually is impossible. So I whipped this up quickly this evening. It'll print all the colors on your mesh (if you're using vertext colors) to the console. Right click on an object in the hierarchy and choose "Get Vertex Colors" Hopefully useful for someone! NWZGetMeshColors.cs
  12. Frequently, and without any warning, polybrush will cease to be able to affect the object I'm working on with the raise/lower tool. Smoothing will still work, but raise / lower does not. I've tried quite a bit to duplicate the issue on demand with no luck, however it happens quite frequently, probably 2-3 times an hour. The only fix seems to be closing and reopening Unity. Trying another scene and then coming back does not work, duplicating the object and editing the new does not work. I'm on the current version from the Asset store, editing objects created with the latest Probuilder. Issue also presented in all previous versions of Plybrush that I used.
  13. I'm doing all vertex colors, no other texturing of any kind, and the amount of vertex color slots being limited is a bit of a slow down. It would be super handy to be able to add additional swatches to the VertexColor window. Somewhat related, it would be awesome to be able to get the color of a specific face on a probuilder object. Suggestions, not feature requests
  14. sirsplasher

    Am I doing something wrong here? (UV2s still)

    Updated version is awesome, saving me a ton of time, thank you so much!
  15. sirsplasher

    The easiest way of making a doorway

    You can deletw and extrude or use another mesh over that space.