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  1. ZedalisDesign

    ProBuilder/ProGrids Major Issue

    I'm getting this message spammed in the editor as well: Shader wants normal, but the mesh doesn't have them UnityEngine.Graphics:DrawMeshNow(Mesh, Vector3, Quaternion) pg_GridRenderer:DrawHalfGrid(Camera, Vector 3, Vector 3. Vector 3, Single, Int32, Color, Single) (at Assets/ProCore/ProGrids/Editor/pg_GridRenderer.cs:256) pg_GridRenderer:DrawGridPerspective(camera, Vector3, Single, Color[], Single) (at Assets/ProCore/ProGrids/Editor/pg_GridRenderer.cs:161) pg_Editor:OnSceneGUI(SceneView) (at Assets/ProCore/ProGrids/Editor/pg_Editor.cs:732)UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI()
  2. ZedalisDesign

    ProBuilder/ProGrids Major Issue

    Hey Karl, I downloaded the latest version in the Beta group with the fix you implemented. I can now see the grids in color when enabling deferred rendering. All of the other issues remain though, unfortunately. I still get all of the grids and face selections disintegrating while in deferred mode. When enabling DX11, I'm getting massive slowdowns and the grids turn black again.
  3. ZedalisDesign

    ProBuilder/ProGrids Major Issue

    I downloaded the latest ProBuilder from the Beta Testing group and still have the same issue. I'll note here that everything works fine while in Forward/Non-DX11 mode. It makes it a bit more difficult for a DX11-based project though.
  4. ZedalisDesign

    ProBuilder/ProGrids Major Issue

    1) The latest as far as I know - ProBuilder v2280 and ProGrids v2321 2) Rendering/Editor Issue 3) Windows 8.1 54-bit, Intel i7-4770 3.4 GHz, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, GeForce 680GTX, using the latest version of Unity Pro 4) Both work well in Forward Rendering Mode with DX11 disabled. When enabling deferred rendering, both selecting faces and the wires for ProGrids appear to be disintegrating and disappear entirely when panning out from an object. With DX11 enabled, the grids turn completely black and the editor bogs down so much that it is simply unusable. 5) It happens consistently after installing ProBuilder/ProGrids in a new project/scene, docking both of the tool windows, and simply change the rendering path and DX11 settings. 6) I just want it fixed so I can continue to use the awesome tools. The bug here is making unusable. I attached an image of exactly what I'm seeing, hope it helps in some way.
  5. ZedalisDesign

    2.1.3 IndexOutOfRange exception on all prefabs in scene

    I'm actually experiencing a very similar thing in my project with the exception that I updated from a previous version of PB. Kill the bug Karl! Heh
  6. ZedalisDesign

    Object mesh replaced with other PB object while playing

    Hey nathaniel.seyler, Welcome to the ProBuilder community! That definitely seems strange. Actually a bit reminiscent of a bug that was there in PB version 1. Be sure to attach that video so Karl can get a good idea of what might be causing it. He may ask for a copy of your scene. I'm sure he'll figure out a fix, he always does! Regards, Mike
  7. ZedalisDesign

    Lightmaps leaking

    Yup, a giant plane is good for creating your scene but not optimal when you are trying to finish it. It's always a better route to create custom floors (and geometry in general) that will fit your needs. If you have anymore lightmap issues, feel free to let us know! Regards, Mike
  8. ZedalisDesign

    Pipes and Tunnels

    Hey Jryvn, Welcome to the ProBuilder community! One way to accomplish this would be to create a cylinder, delete both caps by pressing backspace, then going under your ProBuilder actions and flipping the normals of the cylinder. If you need geometry on the outside of the tunnel, simply create another cylinder and keep the normals the same. Hope that helps! Regards, Mike
  9. ZedalisDesign

    Hello there

    Hey Chris! Again, welcome to the ProBuilder community. I've been doing level design for quite a while now with a multitude of tools. I've got quite a bit of expertise on the use of ProBuilder and I'm also a college student. I'm studying Graphic Design at Francis Marion in South Carolina (which doesn't have much to do with what I want to do in all honesty but it's fun and it pads the resume) Here's something I did for the last ProBuilder level design contest: http://www.probuilder3d.com/zedalisdesign/ Anyway, I've worked in Unity for over a year now and I've managed to pick up several different types of client work so If you have any questions, you can contact me. Maybe we could even start a collaborative ProBuilder game or something, who knows! Regards, Mike
  10. ZedalisDesign

    Hello there

    Hey Annabel! Welcome to the ProBuilder community! Glad to have you onboard Regards, Mike
  11. ZedalisDesign

    Few questions about Pro Builder

    Hey ChrisNorthcutt, Sorry about the slow response time. Gabriel asked me to help out with the forums but my computer has been down for the past several days due to an overheating cpu problem. To answer your questions: ProGrids is the only other "vital" tool for production alongside ProBuilder but I believe the free version of ProGrids shouldn't have any issues with ProBuilder. It should work fine in the meantime (although I definitely suggest having the paid version! ) As far as the Seattle area, I'm not entirely sure...but what I can tell you is that work in Unity is pretty universal. I've picked up some level design jobs now remotely. Unity makes it pretty easy to collaborate with other developers! ProBuilder doesn't have .FBX export at this time but it does fully support .OBJ format! Which of course allows you to open it up in the 3D application of your choosing. Hope you pick up ProBuilder/ProGrids and share some of your work with the community! We'd be happy to have you onboard. Regards, Mike
  12. ZedalisDesign

    Sales Suggestion

    Hey TehShawn, From what I hear, Gabriel and Karl will be getting rid of the "Quick Start" menu altogether and using a more fluid update approach in the Asset Store. Although they may be packaged all together at some point for a bundle deal, they will still probably require separate installs. Regards, Mike
  13. ZedalisDesign

    Prometheus Inspired Contest Entry

    Haha, I scaled the image down a lot because of the way this forum handles large images. I HATE scrolling side to side in order to see everything. I'll post a wireframe in a bit
  14. ZedalisDesign

    List faces on collision

    Hey Nakor, Welcome to the ProBuilder community I'm not too sure about this process to be honest but Gabriel or Karl may have an answer for you. I'll be sure to link them to this and see if there's a way! Regards, Mike
  15. ZedalisDesign

    Prometheus Inspired Contest Entry

    Hey all, Just figured I would post these screenshots here for any of you who may not have seen it on the Unity forums for the ProBuilder Sci-Fi Horror Contest...or on the website front page xD This level was created in under 10 hours utilizing nothing but ProBuilder geometry and some ingenuity. I felt like this was an appropriate place for them. Hope you all like what you see! [attachment=0]ZDProBuilderContest Submission 2 Forum Pic.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]ZDProBuilderContest Submission 1 Forum Pic.jpg[/attachment]