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    Extruding 3 Sides

    Not quite but i've actually figured it out. It was just a matter of learning how to use the tools. With a block(s) of cube i just extruded the face i wanted empty. I've attached the shape that i was aiming for. In hindsight it seems so simple. Thank you so much for the quick reply!
  2. 1PouchKangaroo

    Cleaning up edges

    This is exactly what i needed. Thank you so much!
  3. 1PouchKangaroo

    Cleaning up edges

    Hellooo, I've stumbled on a problem that i'm hoping can be fixed without starting all over again. I'm hoping to "clean" the edges of this face as i've made a few mistakes as i was creating my walls. Is it possible to make this face only have the border edges? Any help will be appreciated! Sincerely,
  4. 1PouchKangaroo

    Extruding 3 Sides

    Hello Everyone! Just got the ProCore bundle and am very excited to learn all of its features! Is there a particular way to extrude all sides of a shape except one? What i'm trying to do is increase the rectangle in the y axis but have the front not increase. Basically, i'm trying to make a cube room/large rectangle with the inside hollow but also have the front "empty" so the player can walk into it. I've previously made this by creating the border first and then would go around extruding the faces until it creates the border (so i'd create 3 sides and leave the last front side). I feel like there might be a more elegant way of doing this but am not too sure. Hope to get some feedback on how to easily do this or even learn of a new way of creating something like this again, efficiently. Cheers,