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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if you have plans to add a clipping / cutting tool in PB. I remember using this tool in Worldcraft/Hammer a lot, I was super handy. Basically it would be a tool which would let the user define a 3D plane. The user could adjust this plane with gizmos. Once applied, the tool would cut and/or clip the geometry. You can see how it works in Hammer in this video (@ 4:41): You can already manage to do something similar with really simple shapes (such as cubes) with the "connect edges" tools . Or I can create another shape which would be the "plane" and use the experimental boolean operation in PB. But I would really love to have a tool like in Hammer. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, It would be a great help to me if the Vertex Colors tools (Palette and Painter) supported HDR color. I just run some tests, and it's totally fine to set HDR Color as vertex colors. So I suppose you would only have to add the following in you Window Editor code to support them: [ColorUsageAttribute(true,true,0f,8f,0.125f,3f)] Let me know! Thank you
  3. yagero

    Change color per decal

    Thanks. I just wanted to make sure it was not supported out of the box.
  4. yagero

    Change color per decal

    Hi guys, Is there a way to change the color of a specific decal? From a technical point of view, I think it could be achieved via vertex colors to prevent from breaking the batch. Thanks
  5. yagero


    Pretty sure you cannot do that in C#, since preprocessor defines are not global. However, you can probably use reflection to check if ProBuilder's namespace/class exists. Check something like this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8499593/c-sharp-how-to-check-if-namespace-class-or-method-exists-in-c
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    Tooltip not visible on right

    win 10 unity 5.6.1f1 PB 2.9.0f3 thanks
  7. yagero

    Tooltip not visible on right

    Hi guys, small bug I encounter: if you place the PB toolbar on the right of the screen, the tooltip is still displayed on the right side of the mouse, so it's not visible:
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to share my small contribution to ProBuilder: Since I use quite a lot the ability to change the vertex color of my PB mesh, I was quickly very limited by the fact that the PB vertex color palette has only 10 slots. Even with more slots, I needed the ability to store & order my colors properly, because I use some of them only in specific scenes for example. So I created a VertexColorPalette asset & manager: grab the C# script and put it in one of your Editor folders: ProBuilderVertexColorPalette.cs You can now create a VertexColorPalette object like any regular asset: A VertexColorPalette is simply a ScriptableObject. When selected, you can manually edit the 10 colors using the Inspector. You can directly "capture" the colors from the current PB palette by clicking the Load from ProBuilder button. When you what to replace the PB palette with the colors from one of your saved palette, select your asset and press Apply to ProBuilder button. Limitations: - You cannot "capture" a color from the current PB palette if the palette has been reset (colors will appear white), because resetting a palette doesn't seem to change pb_Constant.pbVertexColorPrefs. - When overriding the PB palette using the Apply to ProBuilder button, the changes won't appear if the Vertex Color panel is opened. Just close and reopen the panel to see the updated palette. Hope it will be useful Do not hesitate to suggest changes and/or improve it. Thanks, Yannick
  9. The title is self explanatory. ProBuilder 2.8.1f0 & Unity 5.5.0f3 Thanks!
  10. yagero

    button to reset to auto UV

    thanks Karl for your awesome tool and support
  11. When manipulating/merging shapes with PB, my UV ends up often completely off. In order to reset the UV of my shape to auto, I have to do the following operation quite a lot: - select my object - open UV editor - select all the faces - click "convert to auto" - scroll down in the "Actions" panel on the left, because in auto, the panel is not tall enough to display all the info, and the panel is not resizable. - press "Break Selected Groups" - manually reset Offset, Rotation & Tiling to 0 And that's it, my UV are now ok. But the whole process is cumbersome. So I was wondering if it is possible to: - make the "Actions" panel in the UV Editor taller and/or resizable - add a new button in the toolbar which would do all this process in just one click! Thanks!
  12. thanks Karl, I will check this listener
  13. Hi guys, I found a bit annoying that when a new PB mesh is created (through the new Shape tool, or when I merge, or when I detach some faces), it's always created at the end of my hierarchy. It's cumbersome to always have to scroll down in the hierarchy and bring back the new mesh where I want them to be. So I would love to have an option to generate new PB mesh as sibling or child of my current selection. Here is the behavior I would love to have: If I choose "As Child", when I create a new PB object, it would appear as child of my current selection: => New Shape Tool => When merging several objects, the new merged mesh would appear at the same hierarchy depth than my objects. If the objects were not all at the same depth, the new mesh could appear at the same depth than the deeper one. => Merge => When detaching some faces, the new mesh containing the detached faces would appear next to my object => Detach => What do you think? Thanks!
  14. Great! Thanks again for the information
  15. Hi guys, is it possible to disable this new feature: "Automatically toggle Detail Entity Type object's lightmapping static flag, preventing broken lightmap atlases" ? I looked into Probuilder preferences, and I found nothing. If it's not possible, how can I prevent Probuilder from changing my lightmapping flag? Should I set them to "Mover"? Thanks
  16. Thanks Karl, I will put my objects to Mover. FYI, I wanted the lightmapping flag off, but ProBuilder forces it on. So it's not because of the UV2 channel thing. In which cases PB can force the lightmapping flag on?
  17. Hi, I would like to know where are stored the colors of my vertex color palette, so I could track them using git. I found the Material Palette Data in ProCore\ProBuilder\Data\UserMaterials.asset, but couldn't find the vertex colors. Thanks Yan
  18. yagero

    Shape Tool bugs

    Hi guys, I found several bugs when creating "advanced" geometry with the Shape Tool box in ProBuilder. Sometimes there are some weird limitations, and sometimes some differences between the preview and the geometry created. Please note I am using PB 2.6.4f1 with Unity 5.4.0f3 Here is a non-exhaustive list of "bugs" I encountered (I will update the list each time I find a new one) - Create an arch with N sides ends up creating a N-1 sides arch (even if the preview was ok) : - Impossible to create a Icosahedron with a radius > 10 units Thanks Yannick
  19. yagero

    Clip planes

    I just wanted to build on this feature request which would I would love to have. A similar tools exists in Valve Hammer : https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Clipping_Tool I remember using it back in Worldcraft 2.1 on the GoldSrc engine, it was extremely handy and useful. Thanks
  20. Hi, I always use ProGrids with the Snap Method set on "snap on Selected Axis". Unfortunately, this settings seems to be silently set back to "snap on All Axes". Usual scenario: I edit some geometry, everything is fine, and at random times, progrids starts to snap everything to all axes. This bug seems to appear randomly, sometimes10 times a day, which is very frustrating. If I open the ProGrids settings window, I can see that the "snap on Selected Axis" is still selected. And the simple fact of opening the settings window "fixes" the issue, until the next time... In this GIF, you can see the bug happening, and the workaround (going to the settings window) which temporary "fixes" it: Thanks
  21. Hi, I often work with "empty geometry" (walls with inverted normals), and I always find it hard to select faces. I think there are 2 problems: A - When the camera is outside the geometry, if the "set hidden element selection" option is enabled, it will always select a backface. I find working with this behavior tedious, since I have to manually switch between enabling/disabling "set hidden element selection" all the time, or I have to manually move the camera inside the geometry. A lot of time, the camera seems to be inside the geometry, but is in fact just a bit outside, so I will misselect a lot. I would have love to have 2 separate options for selection, instead of only the current "set hidden element selection": - one to prevent from selecting "obscured by geometry faces". - one other to prevent from selecting "back faces". B - Selected backfaces are not highlighted. In this image, the top and left backfaces are selected. But it's impossible to say: I would love if every faces, even the ones facing away from the camera, could be highlighted. Thanks
  22. yagero

    "Snap Method" silently changes to "All Axis"

    thanks Karl
  23. Any news about this feature? Without it, ProGroups is basically useless for me. Having to add every single childs to a group to make them freezable/unfreezable is just nonscene, even with really simple scenes.
  24. Hi, I changed the default material assigned by PB through the preferences (which is called "Walls" in my example). New geometry has my "Walls" material properly assigned. But sometimes, for some geometry, when I modify it (by modifying a face or a vertex for example), the Default_Prototype material is reassigned automatically. You can see the repro in this animation (my Default_Prototype is pink to highlight the issue) : Like you can see, if I try to set back my custom material by dragging it over the inspector, the issue keeps happening when I modify the geometry again. However, if I set it by dragging it over the object, it "fixes" the issue (at the end of the gif anim). Unfortunately, it doesn't really anything since the issue keeps happening randomly from time to time, even on some geometry on which I previously dragged the proper material using the second way. Thanks