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    Lightmap breaks on game run.

    I tried that, but it didn't work. I did find the problem though. I tried resetting all probuilder preferences, and the problem no longer occurs. Thanks for your help!
  2. Trevir

    Lightmap breaks on game run.

    Hello! I am having issues with my lightmapping with Probuilder. The initial bake is fine, but when I run the game the map 'breaks' (see attached image). Only after modifying the Probuilder model and then undoing the newly preformed change will the lightmap fix itself, but this is only a temporary fix. After the game is stopped,the next time the game is run the lightmap breaks again. I cannot seem to find a permanent fix to this. Ive tried reimporting Probuilder and creating a new project, and neither have worked. Probuilder 2.6.2f0 Unity 5.3.0f3 Windows 10
  3. Trevir

    Lightmap breaks on game run.

    Sorry, but I cant seem to find such a window or a way to open it. How do I locate it? EDIT: Ah its the main preference window. Sorry about that. Ive checked 'Disable Auto UV2 Generation' on, but the breaking still occurs.
  4. Trevir

    Lightmap breaks on game run.

    Not that I know of. How would I be able to check, as the UV2 seems to stay intact in the UV editor EDIT: looking in the UV editor after deselecting the object and reselecting it now shows an absence of the UV2. The UV2 is being reset on runtime.