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    3d Modeling, Digital Animation (2D & 3D), Tools Developing for Unity (helpers basically), to be a Game Developer, no limits about learning what must to be learned.
  1. Hello and good day, recently have some problems with the hotkey functions, seems like does not work anymore, I notice this after converting a 3d imported model into probuilder asset, when try to use the hotkeys, the only ones are the edit modes (Top, Vertex, Edges, Faces), the rest are useless, using the last updated version, cheers.
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    I agree with him, some times when you have both windows active (ProBuilder and QuickBrush <- this is not visible of course) the cursor from QuickBrush appears when you holds the CTRL key and if you unfortunately have some prefab selected this place an object into your model, right in the middle of a model creation, this could be uncomfortable because you have to undo or delete it and return to your work (modeling), so, could be put in consideration?, cheers and have a nice day.
  3. Hello and good day, I notice this little issue when use [insert Edge Loop], after using it the new polys are black, this occurs not to often but can be a little uncomfortable when modeling a big structure and have to many segments on it, here is an image of how it looks. The Current Version I'm using is: v2.5.0f0 revision: 4241 Cheers.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Arturo and I'm from México City, already work with Unity3d starting from v2.1.0 to v5.3.4, a love working making models and environments for video games or applications, some time a go buoyed this great tool (the bundle one) and it's fascinate how easy you can make almost anything you want inside Unity (big details obviously using a more complete modeling app) with it, glad to be part of this big community, cheers.