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  1. karl

    Runtime assistance

    Any errors in the console?
  2. karl

    Problems when building

    ProBuilder 2.9.8 is incompatible with Unity 2018.1 and up. See http://procore3d.github.io/probuilder2/upgrading/overview/ for info on updating to ProBuilder 3.
  3. karl

    Platform builder

    I don't think you'd need to use CreateShapeFromPolygon for this. Rather, just a series of quads would suffice. Here's an article that you may find helpful. It should cover the math that you're looking for. http://codeflow.org/entries/2012/aug/05/webgl-rendering-of-solid-trails/ Probably just a series of quads is what I'd use. However I think your approach will also work. Yes, so adjust your corner vertices to line up precisely with one another. See the article linked above.
  4. karl

    How to script extrusions

    First guess is that static batching is enabled. Make sure that any objects that will be modified at runtime are marked as not batching static. If that isn't it, make sure that the objects are unique ProBuilder meshes. If they're prefabs you'll need to do a `pb.MakeUnique()` call to ensure they are not linked instances.
  5. karl

    Polybrush resets transform

    Could you file a bug report with Unity and send me the ticket number, please?
  6. karl

    New To ProGrids, It is not showing under tools.

    Do you see anything in the Tools menu?
  7. karl

    Conform object to face normal

    Polybrush does have this feature, but it's not quite as fine grained as you're probably looking for.
  8. karl

    Runtime assistance

    No problem, I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!
  9. karl

    Conform object to face normal

    Yes, you can use a raycast to get the normal and position of the surface. You don't need ProBuilder to do this, just a Raycast and Transform.
  10. karl

    How to script extrusions

    Check out the API examples here https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/ProBuilder-API-Examples And also here is a snapshot of the ProBuilder API as of 3.0.x: https://karl-.github.io/probuilder-api/
  11. karl

    New To ProGrids, It is not showing under tools.

    What version of Unity, and are there any errors in the Console?
  12. karl

    Clipping / Cutting tool ?

    @frustrated you may find your modeling style is better suited to a CSG type tool. Check out https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/modeling/realtime-csg-69542 or https://github.com/sabresaurus/SabreCSG .
  13. karl

    [linuxeditor] Can't type in grid resolution

    Hi Dodger. Can you please file a bug report in Unity with this information, then PM me the case number?
  14. karl

    Problems when building

    What version of ProBuilder are you using, and what version of Unity?
  15. karl

    Runtime assistance

    AppendFace will always assume vertices are in local coordinates. To account for rotation, you can use the functions "TransformPoint" and "InverseTransformPoint" in the Transform class to translate from one object's local coordinates to another.
  16. karl

    Extrude Problem Help

    Are you working with prefabs, and is the experimental "Meshes are Assets" feature enabled?
  17. We're currently working on preparing ProGrids for 2018.1. The current Asset Store version should continue to work despite the warnings however.
  18. karl

    Runtime assistance

    The problem stems from how you're creating that initial face. The gist of it is that for the moment it assumes any triangle edge with unique vertex positions are perimeter edges. So when you extrude, ProBuilder thinks that the face you're extruding from is actually two faces. To fix this, just use 4 vertex positions instead of 6. Ex: /** * Vertex positions for a quad are laid out like this. Note that positions 0 & 3 are reused. * * 2-----3 * | | * | | * 0-----1 * */ Vector3[] verts = new Vector3[4] { new Vector3(-1, -1f, 0f), new Vector3( 1, -1f, 0f), new Vector3(-1, 1f, 0f), new Vector3( 1, 1f, 0f), }; /** * Quad is two tris: * * 2←-------3 * |↖ ↘ ↑ * | ↖ ↘ | * ↓ ↖ ↘| * 0-------→1 */ var face = new pb_Face(new int[6] { 0, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2 }); face.material = pb_Constant.DefaultMaterial; var pb = pb_Object.CreateInstanceWithVerticesFaces(verts, new pb_Face[] { face }); pb.ToMesh(); pb.Refresh();
  19. karl

    Runtime assistance

    Okay, so the face that you're extruding from is two triangles then. What is the code that is creating the initial cube or face from which you extrude?
  20. ProGrids 3.0.0, that is. I think it should be available in the next few weeks. However, as a workaround you can open the Preferences / ProGrids panel and set the snap method to "Snap on Selected Axis."
  21. karl

    Runtime assistance

    Yup, your only problem is the ExtrudeMethod being used. You want `ExtrudeMethod.FaceNormal`, not InvdividualFaces. _currentSelection.PB.Extrude(new pb_Face[] { _currentSelection.Face }, ExtrudeMethod.FaceNormal, !_specifiedFaceSelect ? Mathf.Epsilon : 0.0f); //epsilon if not custom face, otherwise 0
  22. Single key shortcuts not working in the scene view is a bug in 2.5, and has been fixed for the upcoming 3.0 update.
  23. karl

    GPU instancing support?

    I assume you're talking about Polybrush modified meshes? If you want to instance meshes modified by Polybrush, I'd suggest not using the addition vertex streams option. To answer your question though, yes I believe additional vertex streams would break instancing. It also breaks batching.
  24. karl

    ProGrids window has white tint?

    Yes, it's a known issue. I think the fix is in 2018.2, but I'm not positive. Depending on your graphics api, turning off scene lighting may fix it.
  25. Yes, it should do that by default. What version of ProBuilder are you using?