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  1. ceng

    Unity 5.3 Multiscene Editing Support?

    Hi Karl, Thanks for responding! I believe GameObject.scene would do the trick. I have used this property myself for implementing a few multiscene-compatible tools. I look forward to your solution, Chris
  2. Hello, I have purchased the ProCore bundle and am giving ProGroups a spin. Based on my understanding of how ProGroups works, group data is serialized within a hidden GroupContainer GameObject per scene, and this is retrieved by ProGroups_Window.groupContainer as though the GroupContainer GameObject is a singleton. When multiscene-editing, each scene may have a GroupContainer GameObject, but the ProGroups_Window.groupContainer only searches for one. Consequently, the group data of only one scene is displayed. Further, Unity will prevent saving a scene if it contains cross-scene references, thereby preventing me from simply working with one master GroupContainer GameObject across these multiple scenes. Am I missing a workflow that would allow me to use ProGroups while multiscene-editing? If not, when may we see multiscene-editing support added to ProGroups? Thanks, Chris