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  1. Dock

    45 degree grid / local rotation grid?

    Ah, so this makes Progrids not very useful? If my Probuilder and Progrids can't use the same grid then it's just a big mess, and it makes positioning objects relative to the probuilder grid very difficult. How should I best position objects to align with local probuilder handle?
  2. Dock

    45 degree grid / local rotation grid?

    Hi! I was just wondering, did this ever get implemented? I'm trying probuilder again but everything seems very right angled.
  3. Dock

    45 degree grid / local rotation grid?

    That would be really great, thanks! I love Probuilder and Progrids, but I can feel my levels becoming boxier than I'd like.
  4. Is it possible to rotate the grid, or possibly have the grid rotation/origin relative to a gameobject? I really like ProGrids, but being locked to worldspace is limiting sometimes. Some objects in my map are rotated by 30 or 45 degrees on the Y axis, and I tend to rely on localPosition to keep them snapped to a grid, but ProGrids no longer works for these items.