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  1. kilju69

    Relief terrain pack

    cant really get this working. dont really know anything about shader code. where should i paste this code in rtps stand alone shader? thank for your help
  2. kilju69

    making caves

    just bought and really love it just can u guys help me little bit with caves. cant seem to get it work like in your video demostration. seems like u use probuilder to push walls further away. but i tryed that with probuilder basic and cant seem to be able to choose faces. so can u guys give me some tips for making caves? i asked same question in unitys forum so delete witch thread u want Thank you - Toni
  3. kilju69

    Relief terrain pack

    ok really nice thanks for your support. i will buy tomorrow. i will ask more questions tomorrow if i cant get it running
  4. kilju69

    Relief terrain pack

    hi. will this work with meshes using rtp3 shaders? i asked same question in rtps forums and got this as answer: If the tool you're refering to can do vertex color painting with normalization (when you paint red channel, the others should get dimished so the sum of color values is =1) - then you can use it with RTP standalone shader so question is can this tool do vertex color painting with normalization?