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  1. Yes Karl, Github migration would be a helpful solution IMO too. Will look forward to it.
  2. Ok thanks for your reply. I'll be glad whenever this feature come out.
  3. Hello Karl, from where can i see the upcoming fixes/features under development for PB? I was curious to know if my suggestion (from this thread) was considered for inclusion in an update, thanks
  4. Well, if i hit cmd + e with distance = 1 in extrude settings window, then only 1 block is extruded at a time. I can then hit cmd + e multiple times with say about .5 seconds of delay and i'll get as many cubes as i want. these cubes will all have faces which can be independently extruded. now imagine if there was a way in PB to allow automating what i did manually, it would be a big time saver. specially while constructing big buildings where the building plan is available to us like an AutoCad drawing or a technical sketch. eg. if we needed to build a wall which is 50 blocks wide with each block being 1 m square in area and we wanted each block to be independently "extrudeable", all we would have to do is instantiate a PB cube with cmd + k, select one of its horizontal face, set distance = 49 in extrude settings, uncheck extrude as group and hit the extrude button and voila! we'd have our 50 blocks lined up in a second with all the blocks independently "extrudeable". being able to design this way would speed up the dev process by many notches IMO. not sure if this was intended by design while developing PB and can be considered as a new feature. maybe a community poll could help see if others like this idea and if they do, this would be certainly be welcomed by me with great enthusiasm : ) - An Avid PB Fan
  5. Specs - ProBuilder Advanced 2.5.0f0 - Unity Personal 5.3.4.f1 - OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 steps to reproduce problem - add a single pb cube to the scene. i use cmd + k to do this - select one the faces in geometry mode - in PB window, verify that Extrude Faces is active now. - click the + icon next to Extrude Faces - Extrude Settings window pops up - uncheck "As Group" checkbox - set Distance = 5 - click Extrude Faces button - five cubes should be visible now, lined up one after the other - now when i click any of the extruded cubes, all the cubes get selected. As if they were a group or one unit. please see the attached snapshot My question: Since, "As Group" was unchecked in Extrude Settings window, why are the extruded cubes acting as a group? It would be great if i could just select one face and set the distance as 5, hit Extrude Faces or cmd + e and get 5 cubes which are not a group. I should be able to select any face of the extruded cubes and the extrude from there. Is this possible? Because in the above scenario it is not. Am i missing something? Thanks for your help!
  6. Able101

    Ruction: Open World Game

    ok, i like the area where you have bridges connecting cliffs with temple sort of buildings
  7. Able101

    Ruction: Open World Game

    Hi! This looks beautiful, have you also used ProBuilder for some assets like bridges?
  8. that did it! unchecking "Auto" under the Scene Tab of the Lighting window removed the lag problem. You are awesome, thanks : ) I further tested by unchecking "Disable Auto UV2 Generation" from the ProBuilder Basic section under Preferences. And all seems to be working well. Looking forward to upgrading to the Probuilder Advanced during the community sale. thanks again for your help, appreciate it
  9. i also noticed that after instantiating a pbo cube, when i select it and click Gameobject menu item, Break Prefab Instance is grayed out.
  10. thanks for your quick reply. I tried disabling auto UV2 generation from Preferences/ProBuilder panel. then created a basic cube by hitting cmd + k. tried extruding and problem persists. double checked if it was disabled. then restarted unity. tried again but lag still visible. also the lag is quite noticeable once i extrude around 10 cubes. During the lag i also notice some progress bar notification right below the "add component" button in the Inspector window. It's hard to get a snapshot of the progress bar as it lasts for about a second or so. I haven't created any prefabs yet. Its just the basic cube pbo which i instantiate and extrude and experience the lag.
  11. i tried ProBuilder (Prototype) a few months back and it worked like a charm then. Today I downloaded the latest version 2.4.11f0 but notice some lag when extruding. the scene view constantly freezes for a second or two while extruding faces. also the faces texture changes to horizontal lines when being extruded which never happened previously. has anyone else experienced these issues? system specs: macbook air yosemite 2013 with Unity 5.3.4 personal + probuilder basic 2.4.11f0. was thinking of upgrading to pro during the community sale but not sure if its my system that's causing the lag or is it pb? everything else works well without any lag. i use blender and there's no such problem. appreciate the help, thanks!