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  1. Hmm, could you maybe add a preferences window like there is for extrude and others? I definitely do not want a blended color in many scenarios, I can see it's use, but hey... it's color picker for a reason an those are vertex colors for a reason. Our game is vertex colors only and we sometimes blend them based on vertices/edges. The blended tone itself is unusable for us - we won't use it as the base color for other meshes - we only work with the distinct tones, utilizing the blend for effects. I wouldn't mind a picker that could let me select the mode. And in case of a blend, yes, we would use "pick from vertex" variation.
  2. Oh, yes, the picking of vertex color on a face would be awesome, though, what in the case if the face has all of it's vertices with a different color? Pick from vertex?
  3. rymec0de

    On-demand subdivision/tessellation

    Yes, definitely.
  4. rymec0de

    Snap to vertex of that same object

    Hate to be that guy, but... +1!
  5. Ho, ho, ho! It would be just awesome if Polybrush could on-demand increase the mesh resolution on the respective parts. Just like Sculptris/Z-Brush does, though, I feel it's high on the list of things to do, yet not so simple to implement, eh?
  6. rymec0de

    Selection bugged

    Hate to be that guy, but +1 from me and +1 from colleague.
  7. rymec0de

    Erroneous lightmapping behaviour

    Tested out with latest internal beta build - no problems. There appear to be some minor things (changing material required me to regenerate UV2's...), but the main problem with messed up UVs is fixed.
  8. rymec0de

    Edge extrude madness

    Yup, fresh project. EDIT: Colleague on his PC has the same problem. EDIT #2: My bad... I missed one step in the description/reproduction. Before extrusion, flip normals. EDIT #3: Colleague found out that AFTER flipping normals THEN selecting all vertices and Weld BEFORE extrusion - fixes the issue. Though, we have seen in many scenarios, that when some minor bugs arise, Weld fixes them (even if it says it has nothing to weld, as is in this case).
  9. rymec0de

    Edge extrude madness

    It appears that there are some problems with Edge extrusion. I have found out one reproducible case for it, don't know when it could mess something up in other scenarios. Unity 5.3.4f1, ProBuilder 2.5.0f0 throughout the latest internal builds up to 2.5.1b2, Windows 7 x64. To reproduce: Create PB cube - Ctrl + K. Delete upper an frontal faces. Flip normals of whole object. Extrude upwards all three upper edges. Rotate around, notice how the extrusion isn't one-sided but appears two-sided. Try translating either of the middle edges and notice that they're somehow detached.
  10. rymec0de

    Erroneous lightmapping behaviour

    The latest beta, though, has a new problem... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPG4bfUgGJ0 Basically, I create a cube (had some issues with extrusions and stuff after flipping a cube, but I will blame it on the beta atm.) an then make some kind of a shape out of it. Unwrap UV's (apparently didn't set OBS to capture monitor but window, and it missed UV one), anyways, I unwrap like I need. Then all I have to do is Generate UV2's, right? Okay, lets go! Badum! Something gets messed up with normals for some triangles. The video continues with me exploring further - conforming normals and then generating UV2 again - same problem. Conforming, then triangulating, then generating — seems to be okay. Now with this state, flipping outward, then generating seems to flip the faces backward. Further explorations display some lighting issues when this happens.
  11. rymec0de

    Erroneous lightmapping behaviour

    Yeah, the inconsistency part is also making me think that there could actually be a flaw in Unity itself. But, yeah... "Catch me if you can!" (YouTube)
  12. rymec0de

    Erroneous lightmapping behaviour

    I tried the beta out, I am still having problems with lightmaps (similar to OP). Will test some more and see how it goes and what I can reveal. Hmm, the quick tests feel as if it uses the correct UV2's for baking, but reverts to default UV afterwards which result in wrong mapping (as seen in picture - the bake appears correct, but the UV used for mapping is a unwrapped default UV) Before this: Force refresh scene Generate UV2's Bake (Build) If I now use UVee to move UV2's around a little and bake then, it's perfect. (I noticed that it changes the mesh on MeshFilter too, which makes the result obvious) Afterwards, there are various combos (inconsistent, at least haven't found a perfect way to reproduce each) that break and fix the issue with different behaviours. I don't know what is going on there...
  13. rymec0de

    Undo-merge faces

    Ah, maybe. Did a quick test - wasn't as quick as I hoped it to be, but didn't put overly much thought into it and, yes, managed to get the desired result. Will try again in the nearest future and see how it goes.
  14. rymec0de

    Undo-merge faces

    Haven't found a way how to get back to separated faces after having merged them. Assuming that the feature is not there, I wouldn't mind seeing it implemented.
  15. rymec0de

    Erroneous lightmapping behaviour

    I wonder how you guys have overlooked this. Any progress? We simply cannot properly bake larger scenes with multiple objects - must strip PB instances, which in return spawn other problems — stripping doesn't always remove PB_Object and PB_Entity and upon ProBuilder'izing new ones get added, cluttering the components, but we will post about it in detail some other time.