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  1. Kia ora I have mad a container ( a cube with no to face ) and I'd like to know if there is a collision material or what ever that will cut through and block out a water plane. I have two lakes and do not want the sea water creating a second water level in the lakes Oh for got I'm using Suimono water asset
  2. Kiwi-Hawk

    Looking for some help and advice

    Thank you for those pointers I'm off to see if theres a tutorial for spiral ramps
  3. Kia ora I brought a couple of assets that stairways and steps, both towers in fact that have spiral stairs, standing on most of these steps the next step is about my Char's knee caps, no way any Char is walking up them, asking for a fix is long winded at best if at all I think I have asked for collision mesh ramps but not holding my breath. If I do this with proBuilder, hows that process best worked? /1 make a cube and drop one edge down forming the stair shape? /2 turn that into a collision mesh? I know most you guys do this in your sleep but we ALL gotta learn some time
  4. Thanks for the welcome,.. bit late I got the bundle so ended up with some double ups sadly. It's a shame there not a way to add order numbers when you get the bundle so it check what you have rather than clutter the asset list, it could price the bundle too with a little discount given the products you already have. Anyway I had to have a totoo, and try this out so I made a platform, put some piles under it (yes I know texturing comes later, kid's got a new toy, had to give it a shot) but the Piles and two walls I made have despaired, they'er ALL still in the Hierarchy list. I'm jus having a fiddle and see how much I may need to do the manual lol (its a the Kiwi way,) and my on screen menu is different to whats in the video's, is this to do with the version or somit? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ny2cbg9kkmkman5/Screenshot%202016-02-20%2008.58.23.png?dl=0 @Karl I found your room building video' was great till you lost sound, those types of step by step are great for getting started. I watch the pro guys and they do things but give no reason and there are I'd say process's that are do for a reason, this is to some degree something a lot of advanced user's that make tutorials take for granted and forget is important, leaving new users wondering why stuff fall apart. Opps and unmentioned loop cut that was helping form a structural shape. Please don't get me wrong I'm gonna love this, just thought I'd pass an observation from a green horn wadding about in a sea of verts with no snorkel or flippers lol
  5. I been playing modding the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind, was silly enough to not start modeling way back then (would ben a much easyer learning path) now I'm trying to catch up. So, I hope there room here for ole hobbyist that have no clue what theyer doing, BUT want to try. I had a wee play with the basic ProCore and found I could not fiddle the UV's to texture the edge's separate from the top face of the platform I was making,. I that a feature of the $150 not top end version only? I'm one of those that jump in the deep end no flipper or snorkel and go from there so for better or worse here I am trying to create an open Elder Scrolls-is style of world that might turn into a game or somit, but with a memory like mine I'll have a world to explore for years if I get it finished