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  1. Crovean

    Assembly-CSharp-Editor casts error

    I solved it.. What I read somewhere was true; there can't be any spaces at all in the folder names otherwise it will crash.
  2. I've been struggling for weeks trying to figure out what's wrong.. I start a complete empty project and create a simple script - so far so good; everything works just as it should. But as soon as I import ProBuilder everything stops working. When I try to edit a script in Monodevelop I get this error message: "Error while trying to load the project C:\.........\Assembly-CSharp-Editor.csproj' Line 128 Position 28. So, I openend up that file with Notepad, located the line which was casting an error and found this: " <Reference Include="ProBuilderCore-Unity5">" What is happening and how can it be fixed? I really really need to use ProBuilder to create my levels. This happens everytime I import ProBuilder, no matter what version (I've tried older versions).. I use Unity 5.4.0f3 Edit: I read somewhere my folders can't use White Spaces.. Is this true? Because my projects are saved in me and my gf's common folder "C:\T & J\"
  3. Crovean

    Texture is stretching

    Hey all! I'm trying to do some texturing in ProBuilder, just for testing purpose and I encountered this little problem. As far as I can tell this isn't tiling.. at all. All I did was created a new cube object, added a material using the Material Tool for PB and then checked if the Fill Mode was set to tiling and resized my cube.. The other half of the cubes texture is stretched in a weird way and not tiled as I expected it to be.. What am I doing wrong? I think I have tried everything so far without a decent result...