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  1. There's some documentation on changing the settings for QuickEdit in Unity's Edit----> Preferences menu, but there is no entry for it in there. Also, as a bit of a related comment, I wish that ProBuilder and QuickEdit were more unified in their interface somehow. Currently, my Scene window has the 4 little ProBuilder buttons which select between the different sub-object types, and then a totally different style of floating window for QuickEdit, which has its own sub-object selection mechanism. Would be nice if you unified the interface somewhat so that they both followed the same logic and/or visual presentation. I guess what I would personally prefer, if we chose to use this in production, would be if ProBuilder also used its own floating window (for example), with the same button logic and arrangement. Just some consistency between the modules would make the whole package seem a lot more professional.
  2. clockworkservant

    Mesh is black while changing it

    Yes! I have to chime in, this is really annoying! Tough to work with any sort of textured mesh when this is happening.