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  1. Ok thanks, I'll keep my eyes peeled. I was worried I wasn't able to work with it, but having figured it out I should be able to work around it. Thanks again. c
  2. I found the answer, I was confused as to how they worked, I thought G = Point mode and H = Face mode rather than H is the toggle for both and G just turns PB on. Serves me right for watching the videos rather than reading the Doc. However the Icon rarely changes to the arrow when I hit Esc and so its confusing as to whether I'm in or out of geometry mode since in 2.1.1 I can move my other none PB objects while in Probuilder when in 1.7 I couldn't. So I guess its just my Icon thats glitching, Is the only way to exit via the Esc key? Thanks for the help.
  3. Yes I do that instinctively anyway. If I open a new scene, press G to go to model mode (works most of the time, but the odd time not) then just hit H wait a few second then hit G again and keep doing it, all the while double checking focus it shows the bug on my machine. Is the Global/Local pivot feature implemented in 2.1.1?
  4. Pro Builder 2.1.1 on Unity 3.5.6 on a decent PC, also installed Pro Grids 1.3.2 Fresh install... (however I've been using 1.7 for a while previously) The Esc,G and H shortcut keys behave intermittently, J works consistently. Often the G key does not change into Pro Builder mode and Esc does not always exit, G and H sometimes do each others job of switching mode so when the keys stop working H will actually change the mode to Geometry mode and vice versa. J to G works every time, as does J to Esc.. However the mode icon often looks like its in Geometry mode even after exited. Also the thin Local/Global toggle doesn't work at all and clicking the mode Icon also doesn't always toggle the modes and seems to misbehave in a similar way to the keys. I'm stumped. Kinl
  5. Kinl

    Bounding Box not edited..

    I think I might have found another issue. I’m using it to extend the length of some platforms I’ve made (only by say a 3rd or so), the first problem I encountered was that when I removed the collision Box and re applied it, it did not know the object was any different and applied the collision Box as it would have to the original mesh, I got around this by using a mesh collider since i may end up doing that anyway. I think the same problem rears its head when Unity thinks the Platform is out of view and turns it off when it is actually in view, this only happens on the extended side, I think its something to do with the bounding box not changing and Unity thinks its bounds are not where they have been edited to. Thanks Kinl
  6. Kinl

    ProGrids bundle.

    Thanks, I'll get on that right away, also shows I haven't read the manual eh? Don't worry, I did not notice a delay, I posted just before sleeps.
  7. Kinl

    ProGrids bundle.

    Is it still possible to get ProGrids free with registration of ProBuilder? I'm sure I read it somewhere in a post. Cheers Kinl