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  1. cherub

    build stripping an issue?

    is it possible PB or PG could be getting in the way when using build stripping? has anyone tried it in a project that is using either? C
  2. cherub

    Progrids Bugs

    A few bugs I found. Sorry if these are already mentioned. 1. grid snapping is turned on when hitting play 2. when snapping is on while using the animation window, keys are placed while scrubbing 3. snapping needs to be toggled off/on after opening a scene to use snapping C
  3. cherub

    Aline Texture Tool

    not getting too much into implementation what hot key to use etc... with a starting face selected, shift middle click other faces to continue a texture assignment as well as the uv. this is a great tool for seamlessly continuing a texture without having to manually aline each face. also goes well with smoothing groups to avoid seams. a bonus would be to also be able to do this with the uv2 channel as well. helps to get rid of lightmap seams
  4. Any idea why a grid keep reappearing in the scene randomly after i delete it? seems like it keeps making a new one. I keep deleting it
  5. Cool! I cant wait to see what is made considering Geiger art has no square angles! ~C
  6. cherub


    Hi, I'm Cherub. used to make COD at IW, now want to see what probuilder can do! ~C