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  1. Rich

    Probuilderize deletes faces

    Sent via PM, thanks for debugging it!
  2. The Probuilderize function sometimes spits out objects with holes. I seems to happen at UV borders, like in the following image of a few low poly books: Maybe there is a function that 'optimizes' the mesh in a wrong way. Vertices at UV or smoothing group borders are technically duplicated. I think that must be the reason that they are mistakenly targeted. The original mesh looks like this (transparent, UV borders are green): It seems the chamfering got deleted/merged.
  3. Sounds great :-) Thanks for taking the time to answer all the questions. After another modeling session I realized how important bridging is. If I could just select two different faces (same mesh or submesh) and hit "Bridge" that would be such a time saver. Right now I need to delete the faces and bridge each edge, and also rotate through the mesh to search for faces/edges I forgot or shouldn't be there. Btw in Max I would use Alt+x to turn on x-ray vision (making the mesh half transparent) so I can see all faces, and it also makes the selections really pop out with a red color. That helps a lot "debugging" your mesh.
  4. Yes, that's what I wanted, thanks a lot :-) I can work with that. Of course I tried to break it ^^ And regarding the example I gave in the first post: It all works if I move it in the direction of the face normal. But moving upwards/downwards the edge collapses again onto the lower edge (or upper depending on the edge position). But that is not a pressing problem for me, I think. Another Checkbox in the Preferences for that would still be awesome. Edit: When moving in the normal direction all edges get also snapped to the same position on that axis (which of course is expected with that approach). Not a really big deal, but still, a solution would be nice.
  5. Rich

    [Rerelease!] Ruler - Complete Rewrite!

    Thanks for the script. I made a few fixes because it gave me errors. /** * @ Matt1988 * This extension was built by @Matt1988 * [modified by Rich] * * Use: Use the MenuItem "Ruler Toggle" by navigating to "Window > ProBuilder > Editor > Ruler Toggle" * This will toggle Ruler on or off. * * When Ruler is on, if you select exactly two vertices on a pb_Object, the distance * between the two vertices will display halfway between the two vertices. * */ using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor; using ProBuilder2.Common; using ProBuilder2.EditorCommon; public class RulerForProbuilder : Editor { public static bool on = false; [MenuItem("Window/ProBuilder/Editor/Toggle Ruler")] static void init() { //pb_Editor_Utility.ShowNotification("Ruler"); if (on) { pb_Editor_Utility.ShowNotification("Ruler Off"); SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate -= OnSceneGUI; on = false; } else { pb_Editor_Utility.ShowNotification("Ruler On"); SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate -= OnSceneGUI; //A failsafe to ensure that we don't add our method twice. SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate += OnSceneGUI; on = true; } } static pb_Object GetSelection() { if (Selection.activeTransform != null) { return Selection.activeTransform.GetComponent<pb_Object>(); } return null; } public static void OnSceneGUI(SceneView view) { pb_Object pbo = GetSelection(); if (pbo != null) { if (pbo.SelectedTriangles.Length == 2) { Vector3[] v = pbo.VerticesInWorldSpace(pbo.SelectedTriangles); float distance = Vector3.Distance(v[0], v[1]); Vector3 center = Vector3.zero; center += v[0]; center += v[1]; center /= 2f; GUIStyle style = new GUIStyle(); style.normal.textColor = Color.white; //Set our font color to RED. Change this to suit your preference. style.fontStyle = FontStyle.Bold; Handles.Label(center, distance + " m", style); } } } }
  6. Great, thanks :-) I know I could decrease the snap increment (i did that), but that is a real pain constantly switching the value...which kind of negates the advantage of having ProGrids in the first place, for me at least. ProGrids is great together with ProBuilder btw! Like it :-)
  7. Hi, I did this: Snapping off, created a cube, inserted an edge loop, then changed into face mode, selected the (now 2) faces on one side, activated snapping and moved the faces. The faces are moved as expected, but the inserted edge (just the one on that side that belongs to the selected faces) is snapped down onto the bottom edge. So if I have edges that are not previously snapped into position I get problems when I decide to activate snap to grid and move a face where that edge belongs to. Can you seperate the face movement from the edges/vertices position? Just taking all the vertices of the selected faces and offsetting them in the moving direction without snapping them, too?
  8. Hi, Probuilder is very good already, thanks for making this tool :-) To really boost my productivity though (coming from 3dsmax) it is important that a few things are there that make a speed difference in my workflow. Probuilder and Max aren't supposed to be compared, I know. But trying it for a bit I found these issues: - Tool tip is interfering with clicks and appears instantly instead of after 1-2 seconds. Moving it over another button not always removes the old tooltip and doesn't show a new one (but that could be a Unity problem). - No face loop? Would be really important for setting smoothing groups, or modeling in general. I know the angle selection option (which is also extremely useful). - Inserting an edge loop is working great. But removing it? Is my only option to collapse/weld vertices? Inserting loops right now is something you cannot undo easily later on (without a lot of hassle). - Bridging two faces, or maybe bridging each 4 edges to one another (after deleting the faces) would be great. And maybe 'filling a hole' (3-4 open edges inside a mesh) by just clicking a button (after selecting the edges). - A fast way to make a window or generally a hole in a mesh. Not necessarily boolean ops (they cause ugly topology) but maybe something like a bridge - just through the mesh - by selecting two existing quads on opposite sides. - Extruding a face with an angle, e.g. 90 degrees with adjustable steps/subdivisions, basically making a arch from a face in a given direction. - Chamfering edges...would...be....extremely...awesome :-) This is so big! Making things smooth and round is a basic need. I can't have hard edges, it's 2015. I hope you guys can do this :-) The whole rounding and adjusting smoothing groups is very tedious in general, in every tool. Probuilder made the handling of UVs and Texturing/Materials so comfortable, it's amazing. If you ease the usual modeling pains then you are nominated for the nobel price of Unity editor extensions ^^ And something a bit more optional: - A new room primitive with wall/floor/ceiling thickness, optional ceiling, etc. (Thickness because of usual lighting issues). Or maybe even the possibility to make own primitives? I'm alright with a bit of coding in that case. So then I could make a room (by primitive), and another, connect those by quickly looping the faces of a wall and bridging them. Would be fast, wouldn't require switching to edge/vertex mode, and all in the philosophy of the tool - just do simple stuff quickly. :-) Sorry for the wall of text...;-)