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  1. - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.11f0 I noticed that if I apply a material to a PB GameObject's faces (with child), it makes the child's material change too :
  2. Protozoaire

    Material issue with face mode

    - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.11f0 1) If the face selection mode is activated (edge and vertex modes not tested), it's not possible to drag and drop a new material to a PB GameObject. 2) If we drag and drop the new material to the Mesh Renderer Component, it works ... but if we load the scene again and select the PB GameObject, the old material is back again :
  3. Yes we can do that but in a few weeks because the release date of my game is really soon.
  4. I don't really know which objects as been ProBuilder-ized. Some just disappeared like below (no more MeshFilter), some are ok but without a texture. The bellowed pb_Object is a part of a larger Prefab and was ProBuilder-ized before and I think that's why it can't be ProBuilder-ized again. I've reinstalled Unity 5.2.2f1 with PB 2.4.8 and my last saved project. It's working again but I won't update again anytime soon ^^
  5. So I updated ProBuilder to from 2.4.8f1 to 2.4.11f0 with the update button in the asset store. Now all my Pb_Objets in all my scenes are broken : I click Probuilderize. Now I see that I lose some of my Pb_Objets :
  6. Thank you for theses 2 solutions. For now I have copy/paste my Prefab before my collider modification and it works. The strange thing with my Prefab is that I've only done a small extrusion on the collider and then apply, then it enable itself 2 seconds after activation. With my old Prefab with a tinny collider it works. Anyway I keep what you said in mind in case I need to modify it again
  7. - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 I have an issue with some of my Prefabs that contains inactive Pb_GameObjects. 1) If I make a prefab with an active GameObject and click apply, the Pb Mesh Filter component is ok on my other scenes. 2) If I desactivate that GameObject and click apply, the Pb Mesh Filter is equal to none on my other scenes. 3) When I reactivate it by script on my other scenes, the Pb Mesh Filter is equal to none at first, then it contain the mesh after 0 or 2 seconds (may vary). With a collider, when the Mesh Filter value change from none to Pb_Mesh_32... the character still can walk in the collider. Then it's really a collider after 2 seconds :
  8. - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 Sometimes, when I compile my scene, I have that error in the console : Shader error in 'ProBuilder/Standard Specular (Vertex Color)': Program 'fragForwardBase_VC', error X4506: ps_4_0_level_9_1 input limit (8) exceeded, shader uses 9 inputs. (on d3d11_9x) Compiling Fragment program with DIRECTIONAL SHADOWS_SCREEN SHADOWS_NATIVE LIGHTMAP_OFF DIRLIGHTMAP_OFF DYNAMICLIGHTMAP_OFF Platform defines: UNITY_NO_SCREENSPACE_SHADOWS UNITY_NO_LINEAR_COLORSPACE If I click on the shader stored in "ProCore/Probuilder/Shader" named "StandardSpecularVC" I see the error too. Perhaps it's linked to PB objects I've colored with the "Palette" in the PB color editor and then striped all PB scripts in theses objects.
  9. Great. But I'm using using it, so I just need to delete it and upgrade, then reassign to my materials the new shader which have the same name to the old one ?
  10. Protozoaire

    Export selected to OBJ error

    - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 When I try to export a big Merged Mesh (ProBuilder Objects), I have this error in the console : ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,ObjMaterial].Add (System.String key, ObjMaterial value) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/mono-runtime-and-classlibs/build/mcs/class/corlib/System.Collections.Generic/Dictionary.cs:404) EditorObjExporter.MeshToString (UnityEngine.MeshFilter mf, System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2 materialList) EditorObjExporter.MeshToFile (UnityEngine.MeshFilter mf, System.String path) ProBuilder2.EditorCommon.pb_Editor_Utility.ExportOBJ (.pb_Object[] pb) ProBuilder2.Actions.pb_ExportObj.ExportOBJ () (at Assets/ProCore/ProBuilder/Editor/MenuItems/Actions/pb_ExportObj.cs:24) When I try to export all the non merged pb meshs, I have the exact same error but a clone gameobject appears :
  11. Protozoaire

    Vertex animation

    If someone else want to move the vertices, look here : http://www.protoolsforunity3d.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1486-move-vertices-position-with-script/
  12. Protozoaire

    Vertex animation

    I would be totally awesome to add the possibility to animate vertices in animation mode. It would allow so many many new things !
  13. Protozoaire

    Vertex animation

    Ok thx anyway. And to animate the vertices of my object I will search in the API Examples folder for a starting point.
  14. Protozoaire

    Vertex animation

    Fine I'm currently looking for a way to move a vertice position with a script. Is there a way to do that already ?
  15. Protozoaire

    Mirror multiple objects change there orientations

    "Same" bug with Detach / New Object : Detach / Submesh is working fine. Perhaps it's because I've changed the pivot of my object (set pivot) before. - Rotation changed. - Position and Scale are the same. If I copy paste the Transform of my GameObject into the new on, it's working
  16. - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 It seems it's not possible to mirror a group of gameobjects and keep there orientation in it :
  17. - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 Perhaps it's done on purpose but in case of : I noticed it's not possible to create small cubes less than 0.03 x 0.03 x 0.03. On the gif : - cube 1 : 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 - cube 2 : 0.02 x 0.02 x 0.02 - cube 3 : 0.03 x 0.03 x 0.03 - cube 4 : 0.04 x 0.04 x 0.04 Fortunatly, it's possible to create a 0.03 x 0.03 x 0.03 and resize it to 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 without any problem.
  18. - Windows 10 x64 - Unity 5.2.2f1 Personal - ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 When I select a ProBuilder object, I must wait 2 seconds before it is actually selected. If I need to select 10 objects, it's 20 seconds to wait. But after the selection is done, I can select it again without waiting anymore. If I load another scene and come back to the first scene, I need to wait again with each selection. In white, Unity 3d objects. In grey, ProBuilder objects.
  19. Protozoaire

    Selection of probuilder objets are 2s delayed

    Amazing ! It's working again without any lags : Thanks
  20. Protozoaire

    Selection of probuilder objets are 2s delayed

    When I click a face, the scene is frozen until the highlight shows :
  21. Protozoaire

    Selection of probuilder objets are 2s delayed

    That lag was not present a few months ago but I don't know what happened. I made new tests with ProBuilder Basic instead of Advanced : It's the same, that's strange ... Your other plugins like ProGrid and QuickEdit works with no lag : But with PB Advanced or Basic, every change I make, every selection, every material I apply, there is a lag (1 or 2 seconds) : It makes me crazy ^^ Have an idea of what can cause that issue ?