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  1. I think one more information would be essential as to this possible contest. That is : What is the minimum size of the content that should be allowed to participated? Should participants only do something like a scene which is complete from only one point of view (which could be render in a single screenshot) or should we do something close to a small closed area which can be moved freely around and show a video of moving around it (making it even more horror-sci-fi like) I know that allowing both would makes it easier to participate, but it would open a bit of a too wide range of possibilities to judge. (Imagine judging a video of a sci-fi detailed scene again a couple of immobile lifeless screenshots while, in the end, both worked as hard to get their results while one didn't thought that he could do a first-person-view of his video.) As for the reason of the contest : getting some AAA quality content made with ProBuilder, a good thing to add would be for SixBySever to be able to ask a couple more screenshots from the winner(s) as a condition if possible which would allow a better showcase. Especially screenshots of the content made with it directly shown in Unity. Getting real screenshot of in-use part of a program is hard from any plugin or application sellers. Most of the time you would need to make a fictional project to show it in uses. So, as you need "proofs" to show the content as original, a good thing would be to ask for some screenshots of the making (which include your right to use them with the contest rules). It's killing 2 aliens with one frag. You will be able to use the screenshots as part of the showcase.
  2. Hello all! My name is Maxime Bolduc and I'm what you could call a real mixer when it comes to graphics and design! First, my username is CMaxo which stand for my single employed company name : Creations Maxo I'm a french Canadian living in the center of the south of the province of Quebec. (My website is http://www.creationsmaxo.com, but let's say that it's only got a temporary french welcoming page and not ready for now and for a bit of time. Some jerk(s) pirated some of the servers linked to some of the WordPress templates and it ended up putting a Trojan virus on tons of website using those templates, mine included. Hopefully, I visited my website everyday and I got the warning close to day 1 when it was active so I was able to remove the thing... which ended up destroying the whole frames from my website, so I thought that I should remake it from scratch next time and not linking it to any external resources.) As graphic designer comes mainly in 2 kinds, I'm from the kind that should not be here honestly. You got those 2 kinds of graphic designers : - One, in Quebec, we call a "3D designer" which uses tools like 3DsMax, Maya, Blender or even technical (with some additional classes) programs like Solidworks and other kind of mathematical programs. - The one I'm from which we call "Infographist" or "Graphist" (add a "e" at the end for the french word) which work mainly in the 2D world which uses tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Flightcheck, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. That's the kind that you rarely see coming in this kind of area. (Simply put, even if we work in 3D, sometime, to build/print things like showcases and other promotional material or car/building/glasses vinyls, we don't even use 3D software at ALL. We use our brain and work only in the 2D field... a bit like 3D designers works with UV mapping, but in real-life.) That said, I'm currently like an invader of the other kind which, as a 25 years old gamer, isn't that far from my passion. I'm self-learning the tools and push forward to learn more about everything related to the 2 worlds as close and far as they can get. Having watched over 200 hours of tutorials and other stuff related to, for example, Unity 3-4 and Blender, it's like a night-time constant class I'm taking. :mrgreen: So, if you got any question related to the printing field which include even things like serigraph printing (Clothings and plastic printing or image transfer), feel free to contact me at info@creationsmaxo.com It been since last January 2013 that I started to build my own game from scratch (using tutorial around the web to learn about scripting in Unity). Using the Unity 4 free engine for now (if things works out, I'll surely upgrade it to Pro later) and blender for the 3D, I have learned quite a lot since then. What made me found out about SixBySeven was a need I had to learn how to manage the textures for relatively huge textured props (like building). Since, for my first project, I plan on doing my best with textures (after all, I'm one hell of a graphic designer when it comes to the 2D), I wanted it to be well shown in 3D. ProBuilder was what scotched me to a new easier possibility. Learned about ProGrid while reading its manual which then was an instant buy for me. Now, I'm building my game physical background as fast as if I was using my own tools which I'm used to. :twisted: If I had to say 2 weakness I still got : - Planning : Even if I always plan, I rarely keep track of my plans. So I rarely plan everything because I know I won't follow the initial planning. (I learn every day... and update my way of doing thing with what I'm learning to work faster and better.) - Animations : Armatures is my weak bone. (if you allow the play of words). Doing the movements and makes them fluid is on hell of a wall to cross for me. I know it's normal, but if you could see what kind of fuzzy animation I did, you would see that I learned well, but just don't get everything on the first try. (Hell, one of my first walk animation... even Michel Jackson's dance couldn't reach close to how shaky the thing was.) Well, this a long detailed introduction I think. Hope to have fun learning and working close to all of you!