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  1. calebhc

    Bad Builder Object Detector

    Hey everyone! I just built a little utility a few days ago that has helped save me a lot of time and annoyance. I call it the Bad Builder Object Detector. Basically, it locates Pro Builder objects in your scene that only contain the NoDraw material. Sometimes you accidentally forget to texture an object or the Auto NoDraw tool is a little too helpful. . You've probably had instances where your scene would totally break and Unity would complain about some weird zero index error. This tool locates the problem objects for you fast so you can move on to the hopefully cool stuff in your game! Here's the link to it https://github.com/calebhc/bbo-detector. The code is pretty tiny! Cheers!
  2. calebhc

    Awesome Customer Service

  3. calebhc

    Lightmap Issue

    Awesome! Thanks
  4. calebhc

    Lightmap Issue

    Hi Linus! Yep, switching to forward rendering totally fixed it! I wish though that the deferred lighting would work. Maybe there's still a way? In the meantime, forward rendering should be okay. Thanks for the tip!
  5. calebhc

    Lightmap Issue

    Well, I tried this out and still no luck. Did I maybe upgrade wrong? Single lightmap baking is working fine though. Just can't figure out why dual is showing leaks. Is there any other trick I can try? Thanks
  6. calebhc

    Lightmap Issue

    Hello! No problem! Thanks for sending me the newest version. I tried out version 2.1.1 but I'm still having the light leaking issue. I tried also creating new walls but the no draw surfaces are still not blocking the directional light. I am using ProGrids so everything is nice and lined up. I even tried pinching the corners in like the Pro Builder doc showed but still the same result. Is there a way I can just select all of the No Draw surfaces and then tell the Light Mapper to give them a 0 scale so they are ignored? Or maybe I'm still doing something wrong? Thanks for the help! - Caleb
  7. calebhc

    [Solved] Movement problems after upgrade...

    Awesome! Glad to know there's a solution for this.
  8. calebhc

    Lightmap Issue

    Hello! I've been having this weird issue with baking dual lightmaps where I'm getting light leaks. I've attached a screen shot of the problem I'm having. For the last few hours I've been experimenting and searching the forums but I haven't found a solution yet. I'm using Pro Builder 2.0 and Unity 4.1. Am I just doing the baking wrong with Pro Builder? It seems like the no-draw surfaces are not blocking the light. Thanks for your help!
  9. calebhc

    Unity Crash when importing Assets

    Yeah, I've been experiencing the same problem as well. Thanks for the tip!