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  1. I'm trying to use QuickBrush 1.1.1e with Unity 5 but I can't drag prefabs into the QB window. Is this a known bug? It simply wont let me drop the prefabs into the QB window.
  2. avalon

    Could these features/changes be added?

    Thanks for the infos! Ah so the weld tool is for that! I guess the degenerate triangles are just from beginner mistakes. It happens less and less the more I figure out how to model right and prevent bad geometry.
  3. This has probably suggested before but I'm fairly new to ProBuilder and getting the hang of it but there are always some issues I run into... For one I end up quickly with degenerate triangles in a scene when I'm creating geometry, even if it's just a simple corridor with some corners and doorways. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? If this is normal it would be great if the geometry repair options could be more easily accessible since currently always going into the menu to make sure that the scene is clean is quite tedious. Another thing I was wondering: I also often end up with vertices that are on the exact same position but that are not connected. This happens even with simple stuff like the corridor scene described above. Would it be possible to add an option to collapse all vertices that are not collapsed but are on the same position (or very, very close together)? Because this is really tedious right now. Or are there any other known workaround for this issue?