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    GabrielW reacted to Zen in Really Frustrating Bug   
    Thank you, that fixed my problem. Everything is rendering like a charm! 
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Zen in Really Frustrating Bug   
    Hi Zen! Sorry for the frustration, we could probably show a "warning" for this in the future. What's happening is, you've pushed two verts (top and bottom) into the exact same position, which creates an impossible surface, and can't be rendered properly. If that doesn't make sense- when you pull those top verts down, and they land exactly on the bottom verts, they bottom ones aren't automatically deleted.
    Why aren't they auto-deleted? Well, we've generally tried to not "guess" what the user wants, and do hidden, automatic stuff. So, you'll need to merge those overlaid vertices- try using "Collapse" or "Weld" (make sure "Select Hidden" is on when drag-selecting, to get both vertices).
    Hope that helps!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Koyemsi in Conform object to face normal   
    Yep, sorry for the required work-around. Although, I think there are some Asset Store tools built entirely to help with placing single objects onto surfaces? I'd give that a look!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Koyemsi in Conform object to face normal   
    Hi! Great to know the tools are helping  Polybrush is still experimental, so use it with caution, ha. However, ProGrids should quickly become your #1 tool to install in every project!
    About Polyshape: that "local grid" is only active when editing the Polyshape points. If you start editing it using vertices, edges, etc, it will snap to ProGrids "world" grid- give a test or two and that'll make sense. Just something to be aware of...and something we hope to improve, also, by way of "real" local grids
    For placing a prefab onto a surface and using the surface normal for rotation- sorry, that's not something Unity does...yet!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Koyemsi in Conform object to face normal   
    Hi! Sure, you can use Polyshape for this:

    When you click to place the first Polyshape point, it adopts the surface normal.
    If you are using ProGrids (recommended), that point also becomes the "origin" point of a local grid for the Polyshape object, so you can keep your new shape built on a nice clean grid
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    GabrielW got a reaction from quizcanners in Single-Face smooth Beveling   
    EDIT: you beat me to it, yep!

    I tried reproducing that look with the existing Smoothing Groups, and couldn't do it- whatever you did there, it looks very nice! You are retaining the flat look on the face, but also smoothing across the bordering edges to it...are you adding geometry/shader? If this is just manipulating normals, I want in!
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    GabrielW reacted to quizcanners in Single-Face smooth Beveling   
    Almost, but if I set the entire cube into smoothing group, I get incorrect normal on faces (1-st cube on the picture).
    For the second cube I only included edges into a smoothing group. So edges are smooth, but don't provide a smooth transition to faces of the cube.
    And the third one is what I'm looking for. Basically its like the second option, but instead of having the average normal, the vertex copies normal from a face marked as Sharp next to it (if such exists), if non are marked - then average. 
    There is a very quick and efficient way you can add it to PRO Builder : when you calculate smooth normal for a vertex, instead of just adding normals of triangels, multiply each of them by the area of the triangle. Edges always have smaller areas. And when you normalize to get the average normal, you'll see it will look exactly as a third cube. 
    I think it could be an option for each of the smoothing groups to select a method (to use area of the triangle as normal's weight or not). For my asset I made an option to manually select corners of the triangles which will use the triangle's normal for that corner's smoothed vertex normal, but I never had a reason to use it, auto is more then enough for every scenario. 

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    GabrielW got a reaction from WaterlaneStudios in Face Selection   
    Interesting- thanks for updating with your solution, that really helps others!
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    GabrielW reacted to Matt1988 in A few beginner questions   
    @Bitfabrikken If you look in the Extensions section, I have added a small script that will enable Dimensions Overlay on launch.
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    GabrielW got a reaction from WaterlaneStudios in Lathe and Lofting   
    Hi! Yep, we'd love to add that as well, can't promise a timing or exact feature, but yes it's very important to us as well.
    For now, there's "MegaShapes" which actually works GREAT with ProBuilder, highly recommend that combo
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    GabrielW reacted to StandUpGamer in [Solved] How to make back of faces visible   
    Wow, is that the most thorough forum response ever ? Fantastic, super helpful. Thanks Gabriel.

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    GabrielW got a reaction from pancakes in How do I delete only part of a face?   
    Hi pancakes!
    You'll just need to split that face into two- sort of like cutting a peice of paper. Then you can throw away (delete) the other part.
    The simplest way to do that here, is to select the top and bottom edges on that selected face, then use "Connect Edges" to create a new edge, dividing the face into two faces.
    Then you can move that edge as needed, and delete the face you don't need. Here's some more info on Connect Edges: http://procore3d.github.io/probuilder2/toolbar/edge/#connect-edges
    Caution though: it looks like you've created some nasty geometry here. One-sided walls and possibly overlapping geometry? When building, it's generally best to stick with two sides to things. Just like in reality, everything should have at least some thickness. There's a good tutorial here: http://www.procore3d.com/pb-house-tutorial/
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Crayz in Can I drag multiple vertices while pivoting to a single vertex?   
    Hi! We're planning out some manipulation tools that would do this and more, yes! Nothing concrete and not necessarily soon, but we're on the case for sure
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    GabrielW got a reaction from quid3st in Merging edges   
    Hi, and welcome to the forums! Sounds like you want the "Remove Verts/Edges" feature that we are planning for PB3, which would enable you to remove the elements without also removing the faces.
    For now however, you can use the Collapse Vertices function (link below). For example:
    1) ALT-Click the "Collapse Vertices" button to open it's options, and turn on "Collapse to First" (if it isn't already on)
    2) Select the top-left vertex
    3) Hold SHIFT and select the two "mid-edge" vertices next to that top-left vertex
    4) Click "Collapse Vertices" (or use the keyboard shortcut ALT-C)
    5) Repeat for the bottom-right vertex

    That should give you the geometry you want, but let me know if I'm misunderstanding, hope it helps!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from JamesStallings in Greetings from South Texas   
    Hi James!
    Thanks very much for the detailed review...and for sticking through the issues you had, finding a solution, and posting it for others
    I try to build more and more complex scenes for testing, but haven't gotten anywhere near that massive GAIA scene. I can understand how low memory might cause the Boolean to crash ( as you say, very consistently ha). However I'm not sure (maybe @karl will have better info) how low memory would cause the basic functions to misbehave? Definitely something to test!
    About those brown spots when editing, some of that is possibly just lightmapping- have you tried turning off the Automatic Lightmap Generation in Unity? That will make everything run better, as Unity won't be forcing a rebuild every time you tweak a single vertex .0001m
    And yes: we are very aware of the need for a delete Edge/Vert feature, honestly ProBuilder just lurched from "dubious clone of Hammer" to "surprisingly cabable 3d modeling tool" so quickly, a few things (like deleting verts/edges) fell behind. Definitely on our radar though
    Thanks again James, looking forward to seeing what you create!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from RodR in Free/Cheap Prototyping PBR Materials   
    Late reply here, but I'd like to recommend not bothering with materials at all- stick with greyboxing first, get the shapes looking good, then worry about materials  Otherwise (from experience) you'll spend a week tweaking minor details and realize nothing really changed
    Good luck!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from bjennings76 in Edge Flip command in Edge Selection mode   
    Oh I get it! That IS much better, thanks for the clarification link, updating the task with that
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    GabrielW reacted to bjennings76 in Edge Flip command in Edge Selection mode   
    I think the reason I intuitively expected it to be in the 'edge' section is because of Maya's Flip Edge which I used to use constantly when modeling back in the day. I'd just 'select-flip-select-flip' edges all over the place until the edges were all cleaned up. If it was selecting two triangles, then it's more 'select-select-flip-select-select-flip' which doesn't sound like that big a difference, but would definitely be slower. 
    But I'll take whatever I can get. Thanks!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Protozoaire in Smooth group editor - inverted buttons   
    Fix is in and will be available in the next update
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    GabrielW reacted to Protozoaire in Smooth group editor - inverted buttons   
    Probuilder Advanced 2.9.8f3
    Unity 2017.1.0f3 Personnal
    Button "Clear the selected faces" and "Expend the face selection" are inverted.
    Clear actually expend, expend actually clear.

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    GabrielW got a reaction from Protozoaire in Polyshape - is it possible to use a cylinder extrusion?   
    Ha, that's a great trick!
    Yes, we'll definitely have a built-in solution for this in the future. Probably a PB3 thing, though. Nice work finding a good work-around!
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Protozoaire in Can't double-clic to select all the faces   
    Thanks for your patience and help!
    I've got a slightly different repro here:
    1) double-clicking, a selected face with another object behind, will skip "select all" and instead do "deep selection" (which is the seemingly random selection you mentioned- each click will cycle through faces along the "click-ray", moving backward, then jump to the front, repeat)
    2) deep clicking is "remembering" selection, which it shouldn't - hence the different selection results each time you enter/exit geo mode.
    Additionally, some of what's happening is a Unity bug that we've reported and they've fixed, but won't be out till around 2017.2 or .3, I think. Clicks going through objects, and selecting ones behind.
    Again, thanks VERY much for taking the time to help out here! Reporting these bugs with a nice clean repro (thanks to your GIF), should have a fix ASAP -GW
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    GabrielW got a reaction from Protozoaire in PB Object Extrusion.   
    Yep! That's in our feature-list for that tool, and some related items (like drawing a 2D shape on a graph in the Bezier's inspector, then extruding that shape, and being able to edit it anytime...).
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    GabrielW got a reaction from moyashiking in Unity 2017.1.0f3 ProBuilder/grids snapping issue   
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    GabrielW reacted to quid3st in Lighting leaks through the edges of an extruded plane.   
    Thank you both for your answers!.
    I'll post about this to Unity forums then.