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    Really Frustrating Bug

    Hi Zen! Sorry for the frustration, we could probably show a "warning" for this in the future. What's happening is, you've pushed two verts (top and bottom) into the exact same position, which creates an impossible surface, and can't be rendered properly. If that doesn't make sense- when you pull those top verts down, and they land exactly on the bottom verts, they bottom ones aren't automatically deleted. Why aren't they auto-deleted? Well, we've generally tried to not "guess" what the user wants, and do hidden, automatic stuff. So, you'll need to merge those overlaid vertices- try using "Collapse" or "Weld" (make sure "Select Hidden" is on when drag-selecting, to get both vertices). Hope that helps!
  2. GabrielW

    Conform object to face normal

    Yep, sorry for the required work-around. Although, I think there are some Asset Store tools built entirely to help with placing single objects onto surfaces? I'd give that a look!
  3. GabrielW

    Conform object to face normal

    Hi! Great to know the tools are helping Polybrush is still experimental, so use it with caution, ha. However, ProGrids should quickly become your #1 tool to install in every project! About Polyshape: that "local grid" is only active when editing the Polyshape points. If you start editing it using vertices, edges, etc, it will snap to ProGrids "world" grid- give a test or two and that'll make sense. Just something to be aware of...and something we hope to improve, also, by way of "real" local grids For placing a prefab onto a surface and using the surface normal for rotation- sorry, that's not something Unity does...yet!
  4. GabrielW

    Conform object to face normal

    Hi! Sure, you can use Polyshape for this: When you click to place the first Polyshape point, it adopts the surface normal. If you are using ProGrids (recommended), that point also becomes the "origin" point of a local grid for the Polyshape object, so you can keep your new shape built on a nice clean grid
  5. GabrielW


    Okay! There's also the "Collapse to First" option on that tool, worth looking at!
  6. GabrielW


    Hi! I'm not quite sure what you mean, let me make sure I understand: "V" is a Unity key that allows you to drag an object from a corner (vert) to another object's corner, on all 3 axis at once (you don't get a choice). ProBuilder enhances this slightly: when you are in Vertex mode, you can hold "V" and drag on a specific axis, and only that axis will be used- this becomes "aligning" (ie, align to the hovered item on the X axis, etc). Are you expecting something else, or is this not working for you? Welcome to the forums!
  7. GabrielW

    Probuilderize makes the asset black

    Hi! Can you PM the model? Thanks! -gw
  8. GabrielW

    Here's Houston!

    Hi Katronix! That's great, glad we are helping!
  9. Hi - can you explain what the problem is? I see an object, and it is intact- no issues that I see. Are you expecting something else? Sorry, I'm not sure how to help!
  10. GabrielW

    Need Help Urgently!

    Hi! If this is a very large object, you probably shouldn't merge it down to a single object. Instead, break it into sections. Otherwise, the game will have to render the entire station, even if the player can only see a small section.
  11. Depending how you count those verts- that's probably a "shared vert" count, but if there's a UV or normal seam, etc, that count could double. Is there a reason they are using so many polys? The shape is very simple, it would look just fine with a few hundred polys, I think.
  12. GabrielW

    Single-Face smooth Beveling

    EDIT: you beat me to it, yep! I tried reproducing that look with the existing Smoothing Groups, and couldn't do it- whatever you did there, it looks very nice! You are retaining the flat look on the face, but also smoothing across the bordering edges to it...are you adding geometry/shader? If this is just manipulating normals, I want in!
  13. Hi, do you mean you are trying to Merge objects? Those look very high-poly - you might be breaking past the Unity poly limit. Can you check the vert count on each?
  14. Ah, thanks for the video! Got it now: 1. Create 2 pb cubes, slightly offset 2. Rotate one cube 3. Set PB handle coords to "Global" 4. Select a vert on the rotated cube 5. Hold V and click-drag on one axis, hover over a vert on other cube - it aligns on that axis only, in Global coords 6. Set PB handle coords to "Local" 7. Hold V and click-drag on one axis, hover over a vert on other cube - Expected behavior: vert aligns to hovered vert on selected axis only, using Local coords (see Max/Maya for example) Actual Result: vert snaps on all axis to the hovered vert Technically, the "V" stuff is Unity- Karl has modified it to work per-axis when editing PB elements. So this might be tricky to fix from PB's end? Good news though: full snapping, alignment, and coordinate space stuff is one of our major goals, now that we're part of Unity
  15. GabrielW

    backface cull and cross selection

    No worries! Happy to help on at least one item
  16. GabrielW

    backface cull and cross selection

    Hi! Yep, that's the "Selection Rect Mode" that I mentioned. As a long-time 3DS Max user myself, that was high on my list also!
  17. GabrielW

    backface cull and cross selection

    Hi! Backfaces: I'm not sure if we can do this unless the shader you are using supports it (Standard does not). However, yes, I agree it'd be nice to have, and there's probably a way to draw something like a semi-transparent polygon with flat shading, wherever backfaces are being viewed. Will make a ticket for this, and hopefully we can figure something out Selection: If I understand correctly- yep, we already have this! More info: http://procore3d.github.io/probuilder2/toolbar/selection-tools/#selection-rect-mode
  18. GabrielW

    Face Selection

    Interesting- thanks for updating with your solution, that really helps others!
  19. GabrielW

    ProBuilder High CPU, endless clustering job

    Oh, I see the confusion! Default Unity objects are not Static, so they don't get lightmapped. PB objects are, by default, Static, so they do get lightmapped
  20. GabrielW

    Light baking artefacts

    OH right! Very nice! I'll get that added ASAP
  21. GabrielW

    Polybrush Doesn't Work On My Objects?

    Hi there! The Null Reference means something is wrong, for sure. If you remove Polybrush from your project, do you still have any red errors showing? If so, you'll need to fix those before Polybrush can install properly.
  22. GabrielW

    Light baking artefacts

    Wow indeed! Very nice! Do you have a link to the game/project you are working on here? Would love to check it out, and add to our "showcase" if possible
  23. GabrielW

    progrids request

    I actually kept thinking on this one over the day The method you were expecting is totally valid and useful, definitely. It'd just be a very different use/workflow than what Grids are intended for. Just be glad Unity has "real" units (sort of), ie 1m, 2m, etc... vs other engines it's pure "units" (I think in Hammer a character was 96 units tall or something?)
  24. GabrielW

    Light baking artefacts

    Also: if you are not making the Door part of the Wall mesh (2 separate objects), it'd be more efficient and result in cleaner geometry to cut out that hole manually. You could use about 6 curve-points vs the many currently used
  25. GabrielW

    progrids request

    Hi! Hmm, the issue is, you actually very much want the "horrible" (:P) scaling that currently exists. That's done very deliberately- why? By halving the grid with each "-" you ensure everything stays 100% on that grid. Similarly, doubling with "+" will keep items on the grid (if they started at "common denominator" point) It also enforces consistent angle offsets of 45 and 90 degrees. If it helps, you can think of the Grid as the "resolution" of your geometry. It's very different from distance and offset- I think that's what you might have been expecting?