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    Is it possible to rotate the grid, or possibly have the grid rotation/origin relative to a gameobject? I really like ProGrids, but being locked to worldspace is limiting sometimes. Some objects in my map are rotated by 30 or 45 degrees on the Y axis, and I tend to rely on localPosition to keep them snapped to a grid, but ProGrids no longer works for these items.
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    Working with edges

    > An idea would have an option to have an edge handle with one axis to be parallel to it's surface normal. I think this is close to what I'm planning to do regarding this issue - basically a "Set Handle Orientation to Face" that allows you to set the handle pivot and rotation to a face normal. That would address this problem I believe.
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    Inset feature

    If it were just a shortcut for Scale + Extrude with amount, that'd be pretty easy. Inset however I think would ideally extrude an equal amount from all edges (as opposed to scale which will skew for smaller vs. larger edges). Gabriel has also been wanting this for a while, so it'll get a bump in priority
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    hiding triggers dissables colliders

    Okay, I updated the Entity Visibility toggle code. It no longer messes with the Collider component, and it's generally better about keeping the correct state through playmode changes.
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    UV Things...

    That's something I think you'd handle in your shader. Namely, setting the "Scale" property on the material should have the effect you're looking for. There's not a built-in action to do this, but it's pretty easy to get it spot on using a few lesser known UV Editor features: - Using the Left Mouse Button (or Option-Click on Mac) grab the center of the translation handle and hold 'Shift' to snap it to the bottom left UV coordinate of your selection. - Now that the pivot is set, grab the center of the translation handle (not holding option or right clicking this time) and hold "Control" to move and snap to 0,0.
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    Thanks, it was a blast! Yup, this thread is bookmarked in my "todo" tab. It won't make the 2.4.8 update, but it should be in by 2.4.9 (or sooner in a beta).
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    A video demonstrating a few of the shapes already in the shapes tool using the custom shapes option would be great. Primarily to help some one get a small grasp of how to use it.
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    [Request] Custom Shapes tutorial.

    The custom shapes tool is pretty limited - it's simply expecting 4 vertices laid out in a specific order. I've been wanting to add the ability to add custom prefabs to the menu, but it hasn't been a high priority. @terrymorgan, could you expand on your thoughts for this feature?
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    Some Time Saving Ideas

    Hello. I've been using this tool for a while now and I'm proud to say it's completely optimized my workflow. I always used to take me so much time to build environmental geometry because the 3dsMax viewport/rendering was never good enough to give me an accurate idea of what the end result would be. This is an absolutely essential tool and I love it in every way possible. That being said, there are some simple additions/edits that can really help people save time with their work. 1. Planar Vertex Alignment - This may seem a bit complicated, but the implementation of it is actually surprisingly easy. The ability to select a group of vertices and align them all to an axis would be hugely beneficial to people making use of modular design or tilesets because you can eliminate vertex position error and seams with randomized/procedural generated content and tiling. There are several other benefits to this as well, but that was the main one that came to my mind. Another, quicker method to do this would be to give the user the ability to see and edit individual vertex positions. Right now I have to manually shift each vertex to make them align on a singular plane. It isn't life threatening, of course, but just something that would make a lot of lives easier. 2. Vertex Snap Edit - Currently, vertex snap works perfectly, so long as you're selecting just one vertex. If I want to get a group of vertexes to attach to another (with the same position offsets as the initial group) I have to spend a minute or so dragging the mouse around the target area until it locates the position that works. Ideally, you should be able to mouse over one of the selected vertices and use that as the anchor to snap with. The other selected vertices would just keep their same offsets to the anchor vertex, so that shouldn't be too difficult to implement. 3. Slice Plane/Cut tool - This one is a bit more complicated than the others, at least where the cut tool is involved. For the slice plane, it would be great to have the ability to slice a mesh using a simple plane who's dimensions you can edit in the probuilder menu/with the transform manipulator tools. Plane intersection is a lot easier to handle than a cut tool, though it would still be fantastic to have one. There you have it, those are just some simple additions that I think would really improve the production speed for people. Also thought I'd just introduce myself! -McMayhem
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    1) Basic UV Unwrapping/Texture Packing: Thanks to TrickyHandz for this tutorial video! ***
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    Packed Textures with Probuilder

    I am fairly certain that the high res version of the video won't be available for a bit longer, but I put up a video showing some UV editing to match PB Objects to a texture atlas. Let me know if this helps you out: http://youtu.be/pVm67Hw0FJs Cheers, Tim
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    Programmatically rotate face

    Here's a quick script that rotates a face in local space. pb_Editor has a method called VertexRotateTool that can also demonstrate how to move vertices in planar and world space. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using ProBuilder2.Common; /// for pb_Object and pb_Face using ProBuilder2.Math; public class RotateFace : MonoBehaviour { pb_Object pb; pb_Face face; int[] indices; Vector3[] vertexOrigins; Vector3 vertexCenter; Vector3 nrm; void Start() { pb = GetComponent<pb_Object>(); pb_Face face = pb.faces[0]; nrm = pb_Math.Normal(pb, face); // only grab the unique indices - so (0,1,2,1,3,2) becomes (0,1,2,3) indices = face.distinctIndices; // store the origin points of each vertex we'll be moving vertexOrigins = pbUtil.ValuesWithIndices(pb.vertices, indices); vertexCenter = pb_Math.BoundsCenter(vertexOrigins); } float rotation = 0f; void Update() { rotation = Mathf.Sin(Time.time) * 90f; Quaternion faceRotation = Quaternion.Euler( nrm * rotation ); for(int i = 0; i < indices.Length; i++) { Vector3 v = vertexOrigins[i] - vertexCenter; v = faceRotation * v; v += vertexCenter; // Using SetSharedVertexPosition guarantees that all vertices // that are shared among the indices are also rotated. It // also applies the pb.vertices array to the mesh. pb.SetSharedVertexPosition(indices[i], v); } } }
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    Prefab loses its material

    Hello everyone, When I make a model created by probuilder then save it in the prefabs folder or any folder in the project panel it shows it retains the material that I initially added or sometimes I have to add it myself. Then it stays there for a while, I save project, save scene and carry on probuildering my imagination into models in unity. After sometime, a particular prefab goes for a prefap I think. haha. Meaning the material in the prefab reverts to default_prototype. I thought of changing the default material in Edit/preferences/prototype since I am trying to make a game using only one material which has a texture atlas. But surely that can't be a solution. It restricts my flexibility to use other materials in unity. So does anyone know anykind of way around this problem? I would like to fix it before I proceed with my game modeling in unity. Btw this particular problem doesn't happen when I use primitve shapes provided by uniyt to create a prefab. Regards Imran.
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    In case anyone is as foolish as I was - I didn't have the "using ProBuilder2.MeshOperations;" Sorry! It's working now!
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    Installed but nada nothing!

    1) ProBuilder2-v1877-unity43 and progrids 2.02 2)Despite installing for my unity nothing comes up under tools other than mirror tools. and pro builder cube in the create asset menu. 3) Windows 7 64 bit premium, Unity 4.3.4f1 4) Basically I have tried to install latest probuilder and progrids that was released and nothing comes up other than the mirror tool and the probuilder cube under create other menu. I don't know what gives. this was a new project folder I made. so I am unsure what i need to do to fix this. 5) made a new project, loaded all the stuff I needed under new project window, including progrids, and probuilder and quick decals. 6) don't know what to tell you other than I tried to install the latest version for unity 4.3 and it doesnt work other than what i stated.
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    Finally, I post a bug that's a bug, and not just a problem I've caused myself
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    Hey everyone, My name's Chris, and I'm the studio manager / lead programmer / level designer / "any other work that isn't art-based" guy over at Nineteen Stone Ninjas We're an indie studio that's currently working on a parkour, stealth and hacking game called Subnet. The project is still in the proof of concept stage, and I'm still building a team up (and looking, if any of you may be interested ), but things are coming along nicely. I've put a link to our website in my signature for anyone interested in checking us out. Personally, I am a veteran enterprise software developer, but have had a lifelong love for games. Before Unity, the prospect of developing a game was far too overwhelming, but luckily Unity's C# support has made game dev much more accessible to me. These are exciting times for me - especially considering the reaction I've been getting to what we've done so far. Gabriel directed me here - I bought ProCore a few days ago (had my eye on it since the start of my current project - about June last year). We will be using it to block out levels, and hopefully use the blockouts we build as a base to add detail to later on. We have a vast amount of levels to build, and time will tell how useful it is and how. Anyway, thanks for reading - I shall see you all in the bugs forum!
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    Hey peeps im currently working on my first "first person adventure game" and i need some help with my world size to Controller ratio. So how i started was by creating the door with the probuilder default, but i felt that the door's frame could actually be used as the door frame so just scale it. but then i realized something according to the unit measurement on the shader "slash" uv tiles the door is 3 meters. Could someone please explain to me if this was chosen on purpose? is that the relative size that should be chosen? because the game controller is 1,8 (default unity FPS controller from asset store), and as you can see in the image that ive provided making the door 2 meters looks really silly and feels weird. or is it just me? Any advice on this topic would be appreciated. kind regards
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    Vertex animation

    If someone else want to move the vertices, look here : http://www.protoolsforunity3d.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1486-move-vertices-position-with-script/
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    Okay, thanks for outlining the steps to repro. I've got a bug ticket open to address this in the next update.
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    I have a lot of similar buildings that need similar collision shapes, like stairs going up to a loft, 4-sided room with a doorway, etc. I make them all unique and can save the prefabs for reuse, but they never seem to quite fit the next building, so I start from scratch. I guess custom shapes would be harder to implement, typing in a bunch of numbers, easier just to make a bunch of generic collider prefabs.
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    haha like I said, just thought it was funny. I mean its Ikea. It gets a lot of flak, but they are good stuff.
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    Packed Textures with Probuilder

    I'd like to once again thank Tim for that great tutorial video! I would have over complicated things, that was a perfect and simple explanation. Chris, would you like something more detailed as well? I can make a tutorial for that as well.
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    Problems Upgrading to 2.3

    Karl that seems to have fixed my problem. Thanks I really appreciate the help.
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    Hello all.

    Hey wolfen420, You're E1M1 looks like it is going nicely! I do not yet have the skills of a good artist, but man do all these screenies I'm seeing inspire me. Can't wait to see what else you come up with when you really start digging into ProBuilder. Cheers, Tim