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  2. mr_dude


    Gabriel, where are all of the rest of the tutorials that show each individual tool on You Tube?
  3. sacb0y

    Different snap dimmensions per axis

    Any updates on this matter?
  4. Gavin

    Polybrush resets transform

    Just a heads up, I have updated to Unity 2018 and this tool is still unusable for me. When I use place object or vertex paint, the mesh disappears on play. I made a new project and it is working fine in there. I'm guessing it is a conflict with an existing asset I have?
  5. gord0

    Runtime assistance

    Is is possible to see the source code of FaceWithTriangle(int[], out pb_Face) ? It's blowing up in there even when there aren't null faces.
  6. gord0

    Runtime assistance

    New oddity I'm dealing with now... how is it possible for a pb_Object's faces to become null even though the object visibly has all of it's faces (cube)? I'm not removing/deleting faces. for (int jFace = 0; jFace < _ourPBCube.faces.Length; jFace++) { if (_ourPBCube.faces[jFace]==null) { Debug.LogWarning("EGADS!!!"); } }
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