Convert to Auto

Converts all selected faces to Auto UVs.

Project UVs: Planar

Unwraps the selected face(s) using a Planar Projection method.

Project UVs: Box

Unwraps the selected face(s) using a Box Projection method.

Select Island

With a UV element selected, clicking this will expand the selection to include all other connected UV elements.

Select Face

With a Vertex or Edge selected, click to select all elements on the same face.


Collapses selected vertices together, but only if they are within a set distance.

To adjust the distance modifier, click the "+" button on the right side of the Weld button.

Collapse UVs

Collapses all selected vertices to a single vertex, regardless of distance.

Split UVs

Breaks off the selected UV element(s)) from any UV element(s), allowing them to be manipulated independantly.

Flip Horizontal

Flip the selected UV element(s) in the horizontal direction.

Flip Vertical

Flip the selected UV element(s) in the vertical direction.


Scale and move the selected UV element(s) to fit exactly within the UV space.

Continue UVs

Control + Click to align an adjacent face UV coordinates to the current selection.

To use:

  • Open the UV Editor
  • Select a face in the Scene View
  • Control + Click a face that shares an edge with the current selection