ProBuilder has some additional features that are considered experimental. These are features that are either close to being complete, or complete with some caveats.

By default Experimental Features are disabled. To enable experimental features:

  • Open Unity Preferences (Edit / Preferences on Windows, Unity / Preferences Mac)
  • Under the Experimental header, enable Experimental Features

Boolean (CSG) Tool

The Boolean Tool provides an interface for creating new meshes from boolean operations.

Each function (Union, Subtract, Intersect) accepts 2 gameObjects: the left and right side. A new mesh is created.

Bezier Shape Icon Bezier Shape

Quick Start

  • In the ProBuilder Toolbar select New Bezier Shape.
  • Move control & tangent points by dragging.
  • For precise controls, click a control point to select it (selected control points have a tranlate and rotation handle).
  • To add a point click on the bezier path line.
  • To remove a point, select it and press Backspace (Delete on Mac).
  • To finish editing, click the "Editing Bezier Shape" button.
  • To re-enter editing, click the "Edit Bezier Shape" button.
Modifying bezier control points or settings will clear any mesh edits.

Bezier Shape Inspector

Inspector Description
Edit Bezier Shape Toggle in and out of shape editing mode.
Position The local position of the selected control point.
Tan. In The local position of the selected control tangent in handle.
Tan. Out The local position of the selected control tangent out handle.
Rotation An additional rotation to be applied to the vertices of the extruded tube.
Tangent Mode Allows you to modify how interacting with tangent handles works.
Clear Points Clear all control points on this mesh.
Add Point Add a new control point at the end of the bezier path.
CloseLoop Should the extruded path loop back around to the start point.
Smooth Determines if the extruded pipe faces have hard or soft normals.
Radius The radius of the extruded pipe.
Rows How many segments to insert between control points when extruding the pipe.
Columns How many vertices make up the ring around the radius of the pipe.

Tangent Modes

Icon Tangent Mode Description
Free Free Adjusting one tangent does not affect the other.
Aligned Aligned Adjusting a tangent will set the other tangent to match it's magnitude.
Mirrored Mirrored Tangent handles are locked in a straight line.