General Settings

Rebuild Normals

When Rebuild Normals is enabled Polybrush will automatically recalculate the mesh normals after a brush has been applied.

Rebuild Mesh Collider

When Rebuild Mesh Collider is enabled Polybrush will automatically recalculate the mesh collider source after a brush has been applied. If the target object does not have a Mesh Collider this setting is ignored.

Lock Brush to First

If Lock Brush to First is enabled Polybrush will not let the brush affect any other mesh after a drag has been started. This is useful for situations where a mesh may be partially obscured by another. For example, where a beach meets the water: You may want to sculpt the beach terrain without affecting the water, and by default Polybrush will apply to any selected mesh that the mouse is hovering.

Anchor Brush Settings

When enabled the Brush Settings GUI items will stay locked to the top of the window regardless of where the scroll bar is.

Additional Vertex Streams

Additional Vertex Streams is a new feature in Unity that allows an extra mesh to be attached to the MeshRenderer that will override any duplicate attributes.

This means that instead of Polybrush having to copy and instantiate a copy of any edited mesh, a partial additionalVertexStream mesh can instead be appended and edited.

Note that once enabled any mesh that has been modified with additionalVertexStreams will always make use of the stream mesh. Ie, toggling this feauture off will "lock" any edited mesh attributes in. To reset these meshes, simply find the Additional Vertex Streams component and click the Delete button. This will clear any changes applied by additionalVertexStreams.

Hide Wireframe

When this option is enabled Polybrush will hide the wireframe of the currently hovering mesh object.

Brush Handle Color

This sets the color of the falloff disc in the Scene view, as well as the vertex billboards inside the falloff zone.

Vertex Render Size

Size of the vertices displayed when Sculpting meshes.

Brush Gradient

Brush Gradient sets the colors used for the vertex sprites outside the falloff zone, from most affected to least.