The Sculpt tool is used to push and pull vertices, shaping the mesh.


Select any mesh object, enter Sculpt mode, then click and drag while hovering over the selected mesh.

Holding the CTRL key while dragging the Left Mouse Button will inverse the movement direction (Up becomes Down, Right becomes left, etc).

See the Brush Settings page for information on modifying brush radius, falloff, etc

Sculpt Mode Settings

Ignore Open Edges

Setting Description
off All vertices will be affected
ON Vertices on the edge of the mesh will be ignored

Ignore Edges

Brush Normal is Sticky

Setting Description
off Push/Pull direction will be picked every frame, from the surface below the mouse
ON Push/Pull direction will be chosen on click, and stick to that direction


Setting Description
Up Move vertices on the Y axis
Right Move vertices on the X axis
Forward Move vertices on the Z axis
Brush Normal Move vertices in the Brush's "up" direction
Vertex Normal Move each vertice along their own normals

Tip: Use Vertex Normal on objects like spheres where you want the movement to be relative to the direction of the affected vertices.

Brush Effect

This value determines the distance a brush stroke will move vertices in it's path. Higher values mean more movement, smaller values less. Holding Shift while dragging reverses this value (push vs pull).