Prefab Placement Example


Prefab Placement mode enables you to "paint" prefabs onto a mesh, similar to painting in detail meshes (grass, rocks, etc) with the Terrain Tools.


  1. In your scene, select the mesh you intend to paint on
  2. Click the Prefab Placement toolbar button (icon)
  3. If you haven't already, add your prefabs by drag-and-dropping them into the Prefabs area (labeled "Drag Prefabs here!")
  4. Click to select a single prefab, or SHIFT-click to select multiple- you will see a green bar highlight below each selected prefab
  5. Modify your Brush if needed, and paint onto the mesh in your scene

Prefab Placement Options

Use Pivot

Setting Description
off Prefabs will be placed directly on top of the mesh
ON Prefabs will be placed using their pivot point

Hit Surface is Parent

Setting Description
off After placement, prefabs will not be parented to the mesh being painted on
ON After placement, each prefab will be parented to the mesh being painted on

Avoid Overlap

Setting Description
off Polybrush will not attempt to avoid overlapping prefabs
ON Polybrush will attempt to avoid placing prefabs where they might overlap with others

Prefab Palette

Save and load sets of Prefabs for future use.


  • Adjust the slider to change Prefab preview size
  • Drag prefabs into the box to add them for use
  • Select a prefab and hit "Backspace" to remove it
  • Click to select, SHIFT-click to select multiple prefabs