Modes define how a brush interacts with a mesh. Some move vertices around, others apply values per-vertex (like color).

  • To enter a Brush Mode click on the toolbar button.
  • To exit a Brush Mode, click on the active mode button, or select any standard Unity tool (ie, Move, Rotate, Scale)

You can tell if a Brush Mode is on by it's button in the toolbar- the active mode will appear with a dark blue accent. For example, the Smoothing Mode is activated in the below image:


The available modes are:

Mode Name Description
sculpt icon Sculpt Move vertex positions in a direction.
smooth icon Smooth Smooth the differences between vertex positions.
palette icon Vertex Color Paint mesh colors.
texture icon Texture Blend Paint mesh textures.
placement icon Prefab Placement Place/scatter detail meshes.
settings icon Settings General Polybrush settings.