Brush Settings determines how a brush will affect meshes. In the image below I've used the gear icon to expand the settings panel, exposing 3 additional settings.

Brush Settings

A) Brush Preset Selector

Click this drop-down to choose from saved Brush Presets

B) Save Brush

Save the current brush settings as a new Preset, or overwrite an existing Preset.

C) Brush Options

icon Min/Max Values

  • Min: This is the minimum value the Radius slider will allow.
  • Max: This is the maximum value the Radius slider will allow.

Outer Radius

The outer limit of the Brush, where it's effect becomes 0%. Shown as a light-colored outer ring.

Shortcut: Control (Command) + Mouse Wheel

Inner Radius

The zone of 100% (potential) effect for the Brush, shown as a bright blue inner ring.

Shortcut: Shift + Mouse Wheel


Strength controls the Brush's maximum effect, similar to the standard "opacity" setting commonly found in 2D painting tools.

Shortcut: Control (Command) + Shift + Mouse Wheel

Falloff Curve

The falloff curve determines how the Brush Effect drops between the Inner and Outer Radius.

Tip: This is a real curve, you can create complex brush effects here!